General Help

CCF Online Catalog

This automated catalog was built to provide the public with the ability to search the collection of resources developed by the Center for Cultural Fluency. You can search the collection by many characteristics and categories, and even print out your searches or details on specific resources.

Searching the Catalog

You can search the catalog using many characteristics and categories. The following are available to search:

All free text fields support Boolean searches. This means you can search using multiple terms and specify how they should be searched. For example, to search for any resources with "prejudice" or "discrimination" as a keyword, you can enter "prejudice or discrimination". If you want both terms, you can enter either "prejudice and discrimination", or just "prejudice discrimination".

Also, any search terms with spaces in them should be quoted, for example to find resources with the keyword "growing up"; you can search using the keyword "'growing up'" (surrounded in either single or double quotes).

Results from a Search

On the results page, you are shown all resources that match your search. If you get more than 5 resources in your search, the results page will show you page links that allow you to view the other pages of results. These page links are present at the top and bottom of the results page. The list of resources found by your search has the title, author, library of congress number, grade level, subjects and annotation for the resource. If you want more details, click on the title of the resource you want to see.

You can also print a list of all the resources in the search by clicking on the print icon in the upper left corner. This will show you an easily printable summary of all your results.

Details of a Resource

On the details page, you can see all the information available for the resource. You can also get a printable version of this page by clicking on the print icon. The information available includes: