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Goals and Guiding Strategies

Our Strategic Plan rests on the solid foundation of our mission and institutional values, guided by our Catholic tradition. A diverse community, robust enrollment, and strong financial management will allow us to live our mission and realize our strategic goals. We will intentionally and purposefully continue to foster diversity among our faculty, staff, students, and trustees. By 2012, we will achieve an overall enrollment of 2,300 full-time equivalent (FTE) students, with a dynamic balance between traditional undergraduate programs (60 to 65 percent FTE) and non-traditional and graduate programs (35 to 40 percent FTE). The College’s endowment will reach $100 million.


The College will provide an education that enables students to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and character essential for socially responsible leadership in a democratic society.

Guiding Strategies for Goal 1

  • Support high standards for student performance and development.
  • Implement a comprehensive student retention system.
  • Implement a sustainable system of assessment to improve student learning.


The College will cultivate beauty within ourselves, the Mount St. Mary’s community, and the greater society.

Guiding Strategies for Goal 2

  • Nurture beauty through silence, observation, and reflection.
  • Explore and integrate the physical, aesthetic, and spiritual dimensions of beauty.
  • Teach and practice environmental responsibility.
  • Showcase beauty through the intellectual, spiritual, and social life of the Mount St. Mary’s community.


The College community will provide remarkable service to one another and all those we serve through competence, integrity, and respectful communication.

Guiding Strategies for Goal 3

  • Identify measurable standards of performance.
  • Develop and support faculty, staff, and administrators in order to provide remarkable service.
  • Evaluate regularly the quality of our services and apply the results to a process of continual improvement.


The College will embrace technological advances that will strengthen academic programs and administrative services.

Guiding Strategies for Goal 4

  • Promote the ethical and appropriate use of technology.
  • Identify, implement, and evaluate academic technologies that support the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
  • Identify, implement, and evaluate technologies that support administrative processes.
  • Provide training and support services that are user-focused.