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Parent Resources

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Mount St. Mary’s College! Congratulations to you and your student for their admission into the college!

The next few years will be filled with learning, exploration and growth for your student. Navigating the college process can be overwhelming at times not just for your daughter or son but for you as well. Students not only grow and learn from their academic coursework but also from campus involvement. It is essential that students learn to balance academics and extracurricular activities. Not to worry, there are plenty of resources that can help you understand MSMC processes and how to help your student be successful in college.

The Advisement Department has put together some informational resources below to assist you and your student into creating a rewarding and exceptional college experience. Once again, welcome to Mount St. Mary’s College, we look forward to working with your student!

Advisement Team

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law that limits the information our staff can provide to you if your student is over the age of 18. Academic Advisement understands that you want to support your student and we would like to provide you the tools to assist in their success. Our policy is that we do not provide information about students over the phone or in person unless the student is present and has provided their consent. You may visit the Registrar’s Office FERPA page for more information. Additionally, below are two websites where you may read about FERPA and better understand what it may mean for you and your student.

FERPA Overview

What FERPA Means For You and Your College Student


Fall Parent Newsletter - November/December 2011

Parent Newsletter Archive

Please check back regularly as the Advisement Department will be updating you with a monthly newsletter!


College Catalog

The college catalog is an important tool that students will use throughout their time at MSMC. It is essential that students become familiar with the catalog so that they can stay informed and maximize their time during advisement appointments. Students can find valuable information regarding college policies, course information, majors and other related topics that will guide them at MSMC. The catalog can be viewed online.


Campus Resources

College life can bring on many challenges for students and are not just academic related. Students will go through many changes and experiences that will push them to grow as individuals. Along the way, MSMC has several resources that will help students outside of class to confront the challenges they may face. Below are some of the services students may utilize to maximize their college experience.


Career Services and Internships

  • Resume, job and internship search assistance
  • Major exploration
  • Conducts various workshops and events throughout the year to help students develop career related skills and prepare for graduate school.

Learning Resource Center (Doheny) & Learning Assistance Programs (Chalon)

  • Free tutoring, workshops and academic support programs

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Psychological counseling and psychoeducational services

Student Programming and Commuter Services

  • Provides students with opportunities to get involved at the Mount
  • Assistance with lockers on campus, commuter meal plan, transportation and off-campus housing
  • Weekend events at various locations in Los Angeles

Campus Ministry

  • Assists students in their spiritual development
do I find out what books my student needs for classes? Where can they be purchased?

Book are listed under the course description for each class on Web Advisor. Students may also find required textbooks in their course syllabus. Student may purchase their books from our campus bookstore on the first floor of Leavey Commons. For more information please visit the bookstore website.


What are the benefits of living on campus?

Parents often ask if their student should live on campus. There are many great reasons for students to live on campus. Living on campus has been shown to enhance the college student experience, Living on campus can help a student feel more connected to the college and as a result, be more successful and likely to stay in school. The following are a couple of reasons students should live on campus:

  • No commuting necessary. If a student lives on campus, they can literally roll out of bed and go to class in a matter of minutes! Students also do not have to worry about beating rush hour to get to class or go home if they are on campus. Additionally, the time spent driving to and from campus can add up – time that could have been used for studying.
  • Easier access to extracurricular involvement. Students living on campus may find it easier to get involved since many activities may take place at MSMC. Preparing, rehearsing or actually participating in an event may require odd hours (early morning, late at night). Students who are involved may feel more connected to MSMC.
  • Living on campus may help a student become more independent. Students living on campus will be on their own – they will learn how to navigate through college life and deal with challenges.

Technology on Campus

Students have access to computer on campus in several areas locations. There is also free wireless internet that students may use on their personal computers. Both Chalon and Doheny campuses have accessible computer labs for students to use. 


General Tips

The following are some general tips that you may want to provide your student with to help ensure that they successful.

  • Get organized. Once school starts and students have received their syllabi, they may want to enter all test dates, deadlines, and assignments into a daily planner. Keeping track of all tests and coursework will help students prioritize their time. Additionally, it is important to get all books and reading materials before or early in the semester so students can ensure they can study and complete assignments.
  • Locate key campus resources. Stress the importance to your student about becoming familiar with the different services available to them on campus so they can steer themselves in the right direction.
  • Encourage your student to visit the Learning Resource Center to inquire about tutoring and other services they offer especially during the first few weeks of school.
  • Encourage your student to visit their professor during office hours to ask questions about course content or to make sure they are well prepared for upcoming exams or assignments.
  • Encourage your student to study
  • Ask questions. Ask how they like living on campus or commuting? Ask how they are balancing school, extracurricular activities and outside commitments? Ask if there is anything more you can do to support them?

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