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Quantitative Literacy

Mount St. Mary’s Strategic Plan for 2001 – 2006 includes the goal of raising the bar for student performance. In particular, one guiding strategy is to improve student quantitative and science skills. In 2001, Mount St. Mary’s received a grant from the James Irvine Foundation. It dovetailed nicely with our strategic plan since one of the goals associated with the James Irvine Foundation grant was to improve the quantitative skills of all Mount St. Mary’s students. As a result of the grant, a Quantitative Literacy Committee was formed in the Fall of 2001. The committee developed a plan to have quantitative literacy infused throughout the curriculum.

This webpage is dedicated to illustrating how quantitative skills have been incorporated into many courses at Mount St. Mary’s College. The links at the left will take you to many examples where quantitative literacy is a necessary tool needed to solve problems from a variety of disciplines. We hope readers will use these examples as stepping stones to infusing quantitative literacy into their own courses.

In short, quantitative literacy is knowledge of and confidence with basic mathematical/analytical concepts and operations required for problem-solving, decision-making, economic productivity and real-world applications; this entails the ability to:

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