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Video Archive 2005-2006

Baccalaureate Mass

Baccalaureate Mass - View Video


This mass celebrates our students as they go off into the world and our blessings go with them!

Graduate Program Students Celebrate

Graduate Program Students Celebrate - View Video 

Our students from the Graduate Programs celebrate their journey and we are proud.

Weekend college awards reception

Weekend College Awards Reception - View Video

The Weekend College graduates celebrated a wonderful feat!  Returning to college after some time off can be hard.  The support of our faculty and exuberation of our students is worth a thousand words.  Congrats!

Laurel day at MSMC

Laurel Day at MSMC - View Video 

Laurel Day is the day that the Doheny Campus gets to celebrate the efforts of the Doheny Students.  Great accolades were given and celebration for a job well done.  Click to see the clip!

Mary's Day 2006

Mary's Day 2006 - View Video 

Mary's Day is an awesome day for our Baccalaureate students.  We celebrate their achievements throughout their 4 years with us and wish them well on their future endeavors.  Click to see the celebration! 

 WETBACK film screened on campus

WETBACK Film Screened on campus - View Video

WETBACK was part of the Mount's documentary film festival this past year.  Enjoy the clip!

2006 doheny admitted students day

2006 Doheny Admitted Students Day - View Video

The Admission staff welcomed admitted students to the Doheny campus for the last recruitment event of the year.  Enjoy the clip!

take back the night

Take Back The Night - View Video

This event brings our student together as they fight back the injustices against women.  They take a stand and 'take back the night."

students & faculty read from mount voices

Students & Faculty Read From Mount Voices - View Video

Our students are published!  The Mount Voices Literary publication houses works that will make you want to write a bit yourself.  Enjoy the spoken word...

one man show, "you the man"

One Man Show, 'YOU THE MAN' - View Video

This show gave students insight on healthy dating relationships.

2006 chalon admitted students day

2006 Chalon Admitted Students Day - View Video

Our Admitted students visit the Chalon campus for a final time before making their college decision.  Welcome!

10th anniversary of the african-american dinner

10th Anniversary of the African-American Dinner - View Video 

Prospective and applied students, along with their families come and enjoy great food, conversation and learn more about MSMC!

hawaiian club celebrates

Hawaiian Club  Celebrates! - View Video

Annual Luau comes to campus.

mount students show their talent-part I

Mount Students Show Their Talent - Part I - View Video

Mount Community Night showcases the talent of our students!

Mount students show their talent-part II

Mount Students Show Their Talent - Part II - View Video

More Mount student talent!

sociology/gerontology students share

Sociology/Gerontology Students Share - View Video 

Alumnae luncheon brings students together to share experiences

campaign kick-off coverage

Campaign Kick-Off Coverage - View Video

We kicked off our campaign party...enjoy the coverage

campaign kick-off coverage

Campaign Kick-Off Coverage - View Video

We kicked off our campaign party...enjoy the coverage

campaign kick-off coverage

Campaign Kick-Off Coverage - View Video 

We kicked off our campaign party...enjoy the coverage

students compete in mock trial

Students Compete in Mock Trial - View Video

MSMC students compete against other colleges in mock trial cases...go MSMC women!

mardi gras, made in china screened

Mardi Gras, Made in China Screened - View Video

Students screen documentary film.

professor visits campus

Professor Visits Campus - View Video

Chinese professor Wang Yan visits and shares with our faculty and students.