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Life at the Mount 

Mount St. Mary’s College is situated on two beautiful campuses in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Our oldest and most populous campus, Chalon, rests high atop the Santa Monica Mountains in West Los Angeles. Built in the 1930s, Chalon is home to the majority of our undergraduate students, most of whom are young women from Southern California and beyond.

Our Doheny campus is nestled in a park-like, verdant environment just south of downtown Los Angeles, and very near the University of Southern California. Comprised of a number of historic homes, including the world-famous Doheny Mansion, this campus is home to our associate of arts programs, graduate student and certificate programs, and Weekend College for adult students completing their bachelor degrees.

Though Los Angeles is one of the world’s biggest and most high-energy metropolises, both Mount campuses offer an educationally nurturing escape from big city life. Students are provided with safe and visually beautiful environments in which to study, learn, socialize and grow to become the socially conscious leaders for which the Mount has been long recognized.

Many Mount undergraduate students choose to live in campus residence halls. Both Chalon and Doheny offer well-appointed living situations that allow students to make friends, collaborate on educational projects, and enjoy social activities with one another.

For international undergraduate students, we recommend applying for housing for your first year of attendance at Mount St. Mary’s College. This would help you integrate into our community quickly, help you improve your language skills, and allow you to make the most of your freshman year at the Mount.

For international graduate students, our Office of International Student Services can assist you with your housing needs.

Los Angeles itself is not only one of the most populous cities in the world, but also one of the United States’ most ethnically diverse, as well. The area is served by a well-run public transit system known as the Metro, with both bus and train service to many points around the Southland. In fact, the Doheny campus is closely served by the Metro Blue and Expo train lines.

Weather in Los Angeles is very mild and temperate, with average temperatures in the 70-degree Fahrenheit range. As a northern hemisphere climate, our summers occur in the June-September time frame, while our winters range from December through March. It does not snow in Los Angeles, but rain can be common in the winter months (and very infrequently during other times of the year).

To learn more about life at the Mount, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of International Student Services by emailing