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RN to BSN Non-Traditional Completion Program (Post-Licensure)

Spring application deadline: Still Accepting Applications

Fall application deadline:  April 1

The RN to BSN completion program is designed to meet the needs of working nurses (post-licensure) who want to advance their nursing education. Whether you are working 12-hour shifts, or from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., students will be able to complete the program in as little as three semesters of full-time study. Students will take General Education courses in the Weekend College (WEC). Preceptorships will be held during the week and arranged individually to meet the student’s needs. Students must provide their own reliable transportation to and from clinical facilities. Students will be provided with all dates of classes prior to beginning the program.

Uniquely designed for the working nurse, students have the option of entering in the fall or spring based on their work schedule. Each cohort is conveniently planned to offer classes on Fridays, week day evening and/or weekends.

Admission Requirements
  • Pre-Nursing admits: Students may be admitted without an R.N. license, but must have passed the NCLEX-RN within the first semester in order to progress in the program. Students will not be permitted to take nursing courses until they have an active R.N. license. Students with a GPA less than a 2.8 may, if possible, take General Education courses for one semester to increase their GPA. 
  • Direct to Nursing admits: To be considered for admission, students must have an unencumbered, valid, active R.N. license in the state of California and an overall GPA of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale. 
  • All required documents should be post-marked by the due date of the desired academic term. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Admission Staff. 
  • Graduates of the A.D.N program at MSMC or transfer students from community colleges are encouraged to apply. 
Pre-Nursing Option Nursing Option

For those who have not passed the NCLEX-RN exam for Registered Nurse.

A valid and clear, current Registered Nurse license issued by the California Board of Registered Nursing to practice in the state of California.

Candidates that participate in this option have not completed all the General Education Requirements listed below. Candidates for this option will take General Education classes in order to finish the General Education requirements before moving into the BSN portion of the program.

Qualified candidates for this option will start directly in the nursing portion of the program. Depending on the number of General Education Requirements pending, students may take these courses through the Weekend College at Mount St. Mary's College.

Pre-Nursing candidates for the RN to BSN Completion are limited to one semester. During this semester, Pre-Nursing candidates must pass the NCLEX and may take some General Education requirements prior to entering the RN to BSN Completion Program.



Listed below are the General Education courses that need to be completed in order for a student to participate in the nursing portion of the program. Applicants missing general education requirements are welcome to apply. Admitted students will take their remaining general education requirements within one semester before moving into the nursing portion of the program.

General Education Requirements
English 1A 3 Units
English 1B/1C 3 Units
Public Speaking 2 Units
Critical Thinking 3 Units
Art/Music course 3 Units

Literature course

3 Units
History course 3 Units
Human Anatomy w/lab 4 Units
Human Physiology w/lab 4 Units
Chemistry w/lab 4 Units
Microbiology w/lab 4 Units
Social Science Statistics 3 Units
Introduction to Sociology 3 Units
Introduction to Psychology 3 Units
Lifespan Psychology 3 Units
Economics/Political Science course 3 Units
Christian Ethics (RST 41) 3 Units
Bioethics (RST 149) 3 Units
Philosophy course 3 Units
Philosophy course 3 Units

Due to the high volume of applicants, the Office of Admission is unable to provide prospective nursing candidates with course equivalencies for classes taken at 4-year colleges and universities.  Please visit the attached link, /campus-resources/college-catalogs.asp, to view the Mount St. Mary’s College catalog and compare your equivalent courses.

The following requirements are needed prior to enrollment:

  • All necessary health forms (Physical Exam including lab work, TB screening, immunizations and titers)
  • Current CPR card from the American Heart Association (Healthcare Provider)
  • Current Fire card
  • Malpractice insurance

Cost may be relative to each student. Given tuition is based on the number of units remaining to complete the 124 total units for a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, the information below provides the cost based on Nursing and General Education units needed for completion.

  • Nursing Units: All Direct to Program candidates are required to take 21 units of Nursing curriculum at $806/unit
  • GE Units: Depending on the number of General Education requirements remaining to fulfill the Bachelor of Science Major, the units can range between 3-18 General Education units and are at cost of $669/unit

Total Cost of Program: $21,000 - $29,000

*For students already holding a baccalaureate degree in addition to the A.D.N, the cost will be for 21 units of nursing plus 12 units of Philosophy/Religious Studies.

Financial Aid Information

More Information
  1. The Office of Admission requires all interested students attend an information session to learn more about admission to the RN to BSN Completion program. In order to request a counseling appointment, students must first attend a nursing information session. To RSVP for an Information Session please click here.
  2. Join our mailing list. This will allow us to send you information about the program and keep you current on events pertaining to this and all other Nursing Program at Mount St. Mary's College.
  3. E-mail us directly at or call us at 213-477-2561.
  4. PDF Application Option: PDF versions of our nursing applications are available as a courtesy.  RN-BSN applicants have been asked to submit applications via the online tool and will pay the traditional fee of $50.00 if the PDF version is submitted.
    RN-BSN (PDF Format Only)