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Common Application

Mount St. Mary’s College offers prospective students a variety of methods to apply to the college; there is no preference attached to any particular application. 

The Common Application is provided to High School Seniors interested in applying for the upcoming Fall and Spring term. Transfer students are also welcome to use the Common Application for Fall or Spring terms if they are pursuing majors outside of nursing. Click here to apply.

Prospective Nursing transfers students can access the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (TBSN) Application by clicking here. The TBSN faculty require a different application for students interested in applying to the Mount’s competitive nursing programs. For more information about the various Mount Nursing programs, please click here.

Common Application Supplement

To access a PDF version of the Common Application Supplement for Freshman, students can download this form here.

For the transfer supplement, click here.

Apply for a fee waiver

Students can download this form to apply for a fee waiver if submitting an application via the Common Application. Simply download and print this form. You will need to fill out the top portion and have your counselor or teacher sign the bottom. In addition, you will need to indicate on the Common Application that you will be submitting a fee waiver so that you can send your application to us. We look forward to receiving your application. 

Please note: This waiver is to be used by students applying from High School and Transfer students (not applying to Nursing) only.