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Tuition and Fees

Welcome to the Mount St. Mary’s College Tuition and Fees Schedule. On this page you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the various tuition and fee amounts required for enrollment at the Mount for both undergraduate and graduate students for the 2013-2014 academic year. Please note that while we have endeavored to assemble a comprehensive list, additional fees may apply.

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Primary Tuition Charges And Related Fees

Undergraduate students attending Mount St. Mary’s College during the 2013-2014 academic year are required to pay the following Tuition rates, depending on the number of classes in which they enroll. In addition, the College assesses the following fees associated with specific enrollments. All students who attend the Mount are responsible for paying the mandatory health insurance fee.

Undergraduate Students (2013-2014) Click here if you would like to estimate what your costs will be.
Full-time (12-18 units/semester) $32,882/year - $16,441/semester
Full-time (units in excess of 18/semester) $1,370/unit
Part-time (less than 12 units/semester) $1,370/unit
College Services Fee $485 (Full-Time)  $125 (Part-Time)
Nursing Fee (If Applicable) $300
Health Insurance Fee $608 (Fall Only) $1,049 (Spring & Summer)  
Room And Board Fees

If you will be living on campus while attending Mount St. Mary’s College, you will be responsible for paying the following Room and Board fees for the 2013-2014 academic year. Amounts are provided for both semester and annual lengths of residence.

Room and Board (2013-2014)

Chalon and Doheny Semester Annual
Porch $5,265 $10,530
Quadruple $4,718.50 $9,437
Triple $4,997 $9,994
Small double $5,131 $10,262
Large double $5,265 $10,530
Single suite $5,570 $11,140
Single, half-bath $5,806 $11,612
Single, private-bath $6,352.50 $12,705
Deposits For Tuition And Housing

This section covers deposits required for Tuition and Housing in the 2013-2014 academic year. These fees are due at the time of acceptance of an offer extended by the College.

Tuition & Housing Deposits (2013-2014)

Undergraduate $200
Accelerated BSN $400
Doctor of Physical Therapy $500
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $300
International & Baccalaureate Nursing Transfer $300
Deposit $200
Student Fees

The following fees are assessed based on a student’s level and type of enrollment at Mount St. Mary’s College. These fees are current for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Student Fees (2013-2014)

College Service Fees (Per Semester - Non Refundable)

Undergraduate (with 7 or more units/semester)

     (this fee includes the Associated Student Body Fee for full-time students, health services (not

      health insurance), and expenses inherent to orientation and graduation, among others.)

Undergraduate (with 6 or less units/semester) $125
Associates Degree in Nursing (this includes health services, among other) estimate $242
Parking Permit (Including LA City Tax)
Undergraduate $375/yr
Parking - Monthly $70

Parking - Daily