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Mount St. Mary's College maintains a bookstore on each campus to serve the needs of students and faculty.

These bookstores are managed by Follett Corporation, a company devoted to serving needs of educational institutions. Quoting from the Follett website

At Follett, education is the foundation for everything we do. In the United States, we impact education in all 50 states, reach more than 110,000 schools and university campuses and provide products and services for millions of academicians and students.

Internationally we reach more than 60 countries. Whether the learner is a child embarking on his first day in kindergarten, a young woman starting her college career at Notre Dame or an adult searching the African Art Index of the Smithsonian Institute, Follett is there, often behind the scenes, providing experience and new technology to help educators throughout the world.

Click the following links to see what Follett offers through their online portal (Note: These links are specific to Mount St. Mary's College book stores).