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Web Resources about China

Here you will find addresses of websites that provide you with an array of responsibly reported information about China. The sites include daily news reports, articles on social issues in this rapidly changing country, and human-interest stories. They also include information about history, culture, food, festivities and more. These sites are a sampling of what is available. They are selected to represent different points of view and perspectives. Some are from Chinese government departments, others from U.S. magazines and organizations. Sites for the history and traditions of Chinese Americans are included.

Enjoy, and if you have comments or find other interesting sites, please let Nancy Pine know at These resources will be changed and up-dated periodically. They are English-language sites.

Asia Society 
Has many resources for China and the rest of Asia—social issues, women artists and musicians, food, and much more. One section is for teachers, young adults, and children, including lesson plans. One upper elementary/middle school lesson plan, “The Concept of Justice in Chinese Society,” uses a village council’s decision about a murder as a point of discussion for the students. Other plans include Angel Island, Chinatowns, mapping timelines, etc. The Asia Society is an international organization dedicated to strengthening relationships among the peoples of Asia and the United States.

China Daily Newspaper
The site of the Chinese government daily, English language newspaper. A well-run, informative site. Articles run the gamut from daily news to human interest, providing a large variety of information on all parts of Chinese life as well as the Chinese international perspective. The site includes many photos and some slide shows. The culture section links to which has extensive information on many types of culture from explaining Chinese chess to examination systems to music and philosophy.

China Today Magazine
China Today provides many articles and photos on topics from the economy, to current social issues such as obesity and environmental concerns, to food and culture. Available in 8 languages. Good introductory articles. All monthly issues available back through 2001. Currently the site includes a history of the magazine, which has been published since the early days of the People’s Republic of China.

Business Week Asia 
Business Week’s site of up-to-the-minute news from Asia. Useful search engine within the site gives you archived articles on topics.

Shanghart Gallery
Shanghart is an avant-garde gallery that began in Shanghai about 10 years ago. Its website features the current artists exhibiting with them. The “Overview” page includes a catalogue of all the art they have had available, and each thumbnail enlarges many times. The site gives you an view into rapidly changing China.