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California African American Museum
600 State Drive
Exposition Park
Los Angeles, CA90037
213. 744-7432
Established in 1977 by the state of California, CAAM has its primary goal the collection and preservation of artifacts documenting the Afro-American experience. The exhibitions and programs focus on those contributions made to the arts, humanities, sciences politics, religions, and sports. In so doing, the museum aids in the recovery of Afro-American history. Lectures, films, workshops, special performances, gift shop, and a registry of African-American artists compliment the exhibition schedule.

Eso Wan Books
3655 South La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
This dynamic bookstore is well worth the browsing time you can give it. The adult and children's fiction and non-fiction selections are extensive, and many audio books by African-American authors that are not found in more mainstream bookstores and catalogs are available. The posters, calendars, greeting cards, and book signings are additional reasons to visit this important resource. Plan your visit to coincide with a special event.

First African Methodist Episcopal Church
2270 South Harvard Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90018
213.735-1251 fax. 213.735-7829
Part of the oldest black denomination in the United States, First AME in Los Angeles was founded by former slave, then business woman and philanthropist, Biddy Mason in 1872. Playing a critical role as a spiritual, recreational, and community center, this congregation is led by the dynamic Reverend Cecil Murray. The splendid choir sits facing the congregation and their loving energy will keep you humming and smiling long after the service

Museum of African American Art
4005 Crenshaw Blvd. at Martin Luther King Blvd.
Robinson's May *Third Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90008
Hours: Thu-Sun 11a.m.-6p.m., Sunday noon-5p.m.
This small museum, tucked into a corner of a department store, manages an ambitious schedule of exhibitions and book signings. Call them for special events information.


Leimert Park Village
Crenshaw Blvd. and 43rd Street
South Central L.A., CA 90008

There is a community within Los Angeles that is richly cultural and vibrant. On any day of the week there is Jazz and African style rhythms echoing throughout the streets. There is laughter and conversations on its walks. Every Sunday, by the way of illustrations, Leimert Park in South Central Los Angeles, has drummers thrumming rhythmus measures. Afro-Caribbean style combat dancers practice a couple of yards away and on the grass sits a casual audience, feeling the sounds-almost entranced by the beats. Children run about the attractive turf-weaving through drummers, dancers, and listeners.

This urban community in Los Angeles where, particularly, Africans Americans reside and discourse is used to hearing music and exchanging friendly acknowledgements like "Greetings" or "Assalamu Alaikum" (Peace Be Upon You" and "Inshallah" (God Willing) to the like-minded.

Degnan Boulevard is the main street with shops, galleries and restaurants. People stroll its stretch day and night, without fear. Businesses are always open to be strolled through and patroned, and conversation with shop personnel and passerby is likely to strike up after mutual greetings. With the common idea that this area of Los Angeles is plagued with crime and drugs, Leimert Park Village stands out as an achievement-a place where poets, artists, musicians and regular folk mix-acclaiming the success of the African American community in the most positive way.

Visit the World Stage Performance Gallery (4344 Degnan Blvd.) for live musical and spoken word performances. Wonderful stained glass creations can be found at Ramsess Glass (4342 Degnan Blvd.) At Lucy Flores Coffee House, bathe in the warm atmosphere and cool jazz, as performances are given most evenings.

Author: Lynette
Published on July 15, 2001