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Mir Yarfitz, Lecturer, Humanities (Masters)
PhD, UCLA, forthcoming, September 2012
MA, UCLA, May 2007
B.A, Reed College, May 2000

Phone: 2927
Office: Building 2-210A | Doheny Campus

Mir Yarfitz is very near to the completion of his PhD in Modern Latin American History at UCLA. His teaching and research interests center on gender and sexuality in modern Latin America and Jewish migration to the region. He has lectured on subjects including South and Central American dictatorships, gender and resistance movements, international social purity movements, and the Cold War in Latin America. His publications in Spanish and English have included the history of masculinity in Latin America, the structure of organized Jewish prostitution in early-twentieth-century Argentina, and local and international responses to the latter phenomenon, particularly in relation to marriage and motherhood.


Recently Taught Courses:

  • HUM 256H- Critical Eras in Latin American/Caribbean History:Gender & Sexuality in the Twentieth Century