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Dr. Elizabeth Sturgeon, Associate Professor, English
PhD, English, Northwestern University
MA, English, Northwestern University
BA, English, UC Irvine
BA, History, UC Irvine

Phone: 2731
Office: Building 4

My teaching interests are primarily freshman composition, the writing process and research, and multicultural immigrant literature. I have taught English 1A around current controversies and global issues and English 1B focusing on contemporary literature and multi-genre research. I have also published on my students efforts to humanize the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal while finding their own voices. My primary purpose in teaching English literature and writing skills to Mount students is to help them find their own voices in the academic marketplace and to develop their critical thinking skills which will, ultimately, hopefully, help them to succeed in college and the world beyond. In the past, my students have applied what they have learned about global issues, in particular, to service-learning at Alexandria House.

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