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Dr. Bruce Yazejian, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
B.S., Michigan State University, Biochemistry
Ph.D., University of Southern California, Biology (Neurobiology)

Phone: 4105
Office: A-17-A

Research Interest
Genetic Control of Sensory Hair Cell Membrane Channels in Zebrafish

Hearing and balance deficits are among the most common inherited sensory disorders. An understanding of the genes that control the function of auditory and vestibular structures will be critical to the development of therapies that address these insufficiencies. 

Sensory neurons in the ears of vertebrates--called hair cells--detect and transduce sound, gravitational and vibrational stimuli from the environment into electrical signals. (These cells make it possible for us to enjoy both iPods and rollercoasters.)  Once activated, hair cells pass information to higher order neurons in the brain by releasing chemical neurotransmitters at synapses. The long term goal of the research in my lab is directed at understanding how the genome specifies the instructions that control the release of neurotransmitters from hair cells. Current projects involve studying isolated wild type and mutant hair cells from zebrafish using electrophysiological methods to characterize the membrane channels and receptors that mediate transmitter release.  It is hoped that through this work a clearer understanding of the roles sensory hair cells play in mediating hearing and balance in vertebrates will emerge.


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