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Jane Sandor, Part-time Instructor, English
MFA Creative Writing, University of Alabama
BA English, Smith College


In addition to workshopping, reading, frequent discussion, and rewriting, individual attention also plays a large role in my teaching strategy. In my introductory writing classes I like to get students out of their seats, up at the board writing about imagery, speaking to each other about symbolism in their own lives, thinking about sentence length and diction (e.g. "write a breakup note to your boyfriend employing Ernest Hemingway's clipped, spare writing style"). Students seem to find great inspiration in writing from life; so in my creative writing classes we have eavesdropped at the student center during our weeks studying dialogue--combining tangible realities with lectures on story structure, character development, and readings which illustrate the same. In this way I find students come away with a wonderful excitement for turning their own lives into art.

Courses Recently Taught

  • ENG 1AB/C - Freshman English
  • ENG 134 - Children's Literature
  • ENG 192 - Special Studies
  • SPR 22X - Mastering Academic Success
  • SPR 85 - Introduction to College Studies