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Dr. Michael Heim, Instructor, Humanities (Masters)
PhD in Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University
MA in Philosophy, Northern Illinois University


Courses Recently Taught:

  • HUM273CS - The Faces of Spirituality
  • HUM276CS - Aesthetics and Taste
  • HUM281CS - Myths Across Cultures
  • HUM289CS - Special Topics in Cultural Studies

Mike Heim inhabits two realms: Talk and No-Talk. The Talk Realm includes reading books, especially classics, talking about art works, analyzing movies, avatar chat on the Net, laughing about absurd situations, and especially reading poetry aloud. The No-Talk Realm includes two decades of teaching Tai Chi outdoors in Redondo Beach and improvising on the piano. The Talk Realm involves Humanities graduate programs such as the Mount, the University of California at Irvine, and Art Center College of Design. MH was Fulbright Fellow in Europe for several years and has master’s and doctorate degrees in philosophy. His books, published by Oxford University Press and Yale University Press, have been translated into several languages. His writings and interviews appear in European and American periodicals. His seminars at the Mount embrace topics such as: "Armies of God: The Spanish Conquest of Mexico," "Two Rings: Wagner & Tolkien," "Architectural Imagination in Los Angeles," "Doctor Faustus," "Mystery Religions," and "Visual Arts in California." The rest is silence....