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Marie Anne Legaspi, Part-time Instructor, Nursing (Baccalaureate)
R.N., ADN, BSN, MSN, P.H.N., A.P.R.N., FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
ADN Nursing Faculty/Clinical Instructor
Azusa Pacific University- Master of Science, Nursing (MSN) (Family Nurse Practitioner), Doctoral studies
Mount St. Mary's College- Associate Degree Nursing/Bachelor of Science, Nursing (ADN/BSN), Public Health Certificate, 95'

Phone: 4230

Courses Recently Taught

  • NUR20 - Adaptation Model Nursing Theory

  • NUR23/ 23A/L - Principles and Practice of Nursing Skills

  • NUR24A/L - Medical-Surgical Principles and Practice of Skills I

  • NUR25 - Medical-Surgical Practicum I

  • NUR26 - Medical-Surgical Principles and Practice Skills II

  • NUR27 - Medical-Surgical Practicum II

  • NUR34 - Community Health Nursing

  • NUR98 - Independent Studies