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Social Media Style Guide


Creating Groups

If you're interested in creating a MSMC-related Facebook group, we require that you submit a request by using the form below. We do this because we have a MSMC-specific facebook account that we use to create groups and pages so that no group is managed by a user that may move on from The Mount.

Facebook Group Request Form

Use this form if you'd like to create a MSMC-related Facebook group.

Facebook Group Request Form

Facebook Group Request Form

Use this form to submit a request for a MSMC branded Facebook group.

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Twitter Backgrounds

Here you will find some backgrounds to use on any twitter accounts associated to MSMC. All of the listed backgrounds should be used with twitters background color as #333399.

Option 1

MSMC Twitter Background 1

Option 2

MSMC Twitter Background 1

Option 3

MSMC Twitter Background 1

Option 4 (Tiled)

MSMC Twitter Background 1

Option 5

MSMC Twitter Background 1

Option 6

MSMC Twitter Background 1

Twitter Color Scheme

For our twitter page we've created a custom color scheme that represents MSMC's school colors. If you'd like to implement it on your page, enter the following into twitter's custom theme editor. You can access the theme editor on twitter by clicking on Settings > Design > Change Design Colors.  

Background: 333399

Text: 333333

Links: 5252ab

Sidebar: ffcd05

Sidebar Border: 5252ab