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Title V Postbaccalaureate Project Faculty Opportunities

As a result of the Title V PPOHA grant, various opportunities have been developed to strengthen the Mount’s graduate programs by offering student resources and faculty development and involvement opportunities. 

Funding Opportunities

The Title V Postbaccalaureate Project provides various funding opportunities for full- and part-time faculty to engage in activities aimed at strengthening the Mount’s graduate programs, thereby improving retention, persistence and graduation rates of graduate students.

Faculty Mentoring

As an additional support service to Graduate Transition Scholarship recipients, the Title V Postbaccalaureate project offers stipends to faculty who serve as mentors to students in their own program throughout their graduate studies. By developing a relationship of continuing guidance and role modeling that transcends classroom teaching or single-issue advising, mentoring will help develop students as professionals in the field.

Cultural Fluency

Faculty interested in incorporating and integrating multicultural perspectives into their courses may contact MSMC’s Center for Cultural Fluency. Dr. Feldman-Abe will work with faculty on curriculum units and assignments pertaining to cultural fluency.

Faculty Reassignment for Curricular Development

Full- and part-time faculty may request reassigned time to engage in faculty development of new curricular, obtain training concerning software and hardware tools, and develop new courses and materials that further the goals of the grant.  All requests for faculty reassignment will be directed to the Advisory Committee/ Graduate Council for recommendation.

Stipends for Curriculum/Course Development

Full- and part-time faculty may request stipends for activities pertaining to curriculum and course development. Faculty may elect to create new courses or update and strengthen existing courses.

Stipends for Faculty Development/Training

Full- and part-time faculty may request stipends to participate in faculty development. Activities may include attending meetings, workshops and conferences that relate to the goals of the grant. Faculty may also enroll in courses and receive technology training. 

Stipends for Special Projects

Full- and part-time faculty may request stipends for special projects that further the goals of the grant. Examples include special projects developing cultural fluency units and assignments.


Faculty may request funds to cover travel expenses to conferences, workshops and professional meetings. Funds are also available for graduate students who are part of a research presentation team. However, please note that funds in this category are extremely limited.

Technology Support

Faculty may request funds for technology-related training including Angel course management system, simulation and decision-making software etc.