Computer Information Science

Department Affiliation: Mathematics

Computer Information Science Minor

The minor in Computer Information Science (CIS) is designed to complement any major by providing students with an understanding of computing, networking, multimedia, electronic information resources, systems and the Internet. Using the knowledge, skills and experience from these technologies, students will be able to solve problems in a variety of contexts.

This minor will assist students in acquiring valuable skills to enable them to cope with the rapid changes in technology that are affecting, and will continue to affect, their personal and professional lives. Ever-changing hardware and software continue to permeate research laboratories and offices throughout the world. The growing need to understand and use the Internet in research and commerce further increases the importance of this course of study. This is a very dynamic minor and requirements will change as needed due to the ever-changing state of technology.

Required Courses (22-24 units)


Computer Process and Applications



Introduction to Computer Programming


CIS 87

Technology Internship


One course from the following list:

PHI 169

Philosophy of Technology


PHI 192

Business Ethics


Three courses from the following list:

MTH 125



MTH 25

The Linux/Unix Environment


MTH 135

Structure & Comparison of Computer Language


BUS 125



BUS 177

Management Information Systems


CIS 120

Communication Protocols


At least one course from the following list:

ART 15

Computer Graphics I


ART 115

Computer Graphics II


BIO 115

AB Research Methods


BIO 115C

Independent Study


BIO 115D

Directed Research


BIO 197

Research Readings


BIO 198

Biological Research


CHE 198

Topics in Chemistry


CHE 199

Research in Chemistry


HIS 101

Historical Methods & Historiography


MTH 120

Discrete Mathematics


MTH 128A

Numerical Analysis


POL 101

Research Methodology


PSY 106

Basic Research Methods


PSY 106L

Basic Research Methods Lab


SOC 117

Research Methods and Social Statistics


Computer Information Science Courses

CIS 1 Computer Processes and Applications (3)

Description of the computer and its logical structure and functioning including hardware (processors, storage, and communications), networking, and levels of software. Introduction to BASIC programming languages and binary systems. Use of application programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, Internet, and e-mail.

CIS 2 Introduction to Programming (3)

An exploration of computer processes: data and file structure; databases and retrieval of information; programming using various languages (which may include BASIC, Fortran90, C++, Perl, Java, or Prologue). Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in CIS 1 or consent of instructor.

CIS 87 Technology Internship (1)

This course is a one-year experience during which a student participates by assisting faculty and various academic and administrative departments in using technology effectively and efficiently. (Taken at sophomore level or later.)

CIS 120 Communication Protocols (3)

This course will cover current communication protocols and will include TCP/IP, Routers, Data Packets and Security. Prerequisite: CIS 2.