Cultural Studies

Department Affiliation: Language and Culture

Culture courses are primarily interdisciplinary and intended to complement language acquisition, as well as to inform about global cultural diversity. They are generally taught in English.

Cultural Studies Minor

Required courses: 26 units

SPA 1 or FRE 1 or JPN 1 Elementary Spanish, French or Japanese (4)

SPA 2 or FRE 2 or JPN 2 Elementary Spanish, French or Japanese (4)

CUL 107 Theory and Practice of Culture (3)

The course addresses the growing domestic and global necessity for understanding and communication across cultural boundaries. This is a theoretical and practical approach to understanding cultural differences as well as similarities. GS-VI

CUL 108 World Literature in Translation (3)

Explores world cultures through short stories and novels from around the world in translation.

CUL 110 Culture through Films (3)

This course uses a thematic approach to analyze a selected number of cultures from different parts of the world through films.


PHI 162 Philosophy and Native Cultures (3)

CUL 114 Faces of Spirituality (3)

The focus of this course is to survey and gain an understanding of how different cultures approach spirituality.


RST 161 Introduction to World Religions (3)

CUL 117 Women’s Literature in Translation (3)

In search of similarities and differences in women's conditions, aspirations and accomplishments as seen through literature written by women from around the globe.


ENG 123 Women’s Voices in Literature (3)

ART 173 Multiculturalism & the Visual Arts(3)

MUS 106 Varieties of Music (3)

or MUS 116 Music of World Cultures (3)