Departmental Affiliation: Business Administration

Economics Courses

ECO 1 Microeconomics (3)

An exploration of the economic affairs of industries and the individual business firm. This course introduces the price system, the law of supply and demand and economic analysis of individual markets such as labor or international trade. GS-IIIF

ECO 2 Macroeconomics (3)

An introductory analysis of the aggregate economic system. This course discusses methods of recording and determining gross national product, employment, price stability, fiscal and monetary policy. GS-IIIG

ECO 44/144 Personal Finance (3)

Emphasis on the principles underlying financial security and investment planning; the study of credit institutions, the stock market, and home buying through special projects and experiences in the field. Does not count as an upper level business requirement for Business students.

ECO 112/112H World Economic History (3)

This course will offer a unified explanation for the growth of Western Europe from AD 900 to 1900, with particular emphasis on the evolution of economic institutions. These institutions include property rights, banking and credit, public finance, forms of business organizations and wage labor. Also HIS 112/112H. GS-IIIF. (Formerly Economic History of Europe)

ECO 123 Travel and Study Abroad (3)

This course is designed to acquaint participants with the business, historical, cultural, and social environments of the countries visited. Visits will be arranged to business organizations as well as with government officials connected with economic and business development. Areas visited may include South America, China or East Asia. The class can be repeated for credit. Also BUS 123.

ECO 193 Selected Problems (1-3)

Courses, workshops, seminars, or directed readings. May be repeated for credit.

ECO 195 International Economics (3)

The general principles of international regulations and trade; the problems of developing countries and theories of growth and development; progress toward economic integration and cooperation in Europe, Latin America and Africa. GS-IIIG