Pre-Law Minor

Department Affiliation: History and Political Science

An undergraduate major in either the social sciences or the humanities is the preferred preparation for legal study. The Pre-Law Minor is designed to supplement the study in the major program with additional emphases on analytic and expository skills requisite to the study of law. Early identification of an interest in law enables the student to approach the rigorous demands of both legal study and that of the legal profession more efficiently and effectively. It is essential that the student and the Director of the Pre-Law Minor collaborate in the process of selecting elective courses within the minor that will best prepare the individual student. The minor requires a minimum of six upper division courses (18units).

Prerequisites: 9 units


American Government


PHI 10

Critical Thinking




Freshman English



Business Law


Required upper division courses:

POL 103

Legal Reasoning


POL 108

Constitutional Law


Plus four upper division elective courses from among the following:

Business Law:


Business Law II



Real Estate Law


Civil Rights/Advocacy:

POL 102

Women and the Law


POL 109

Individual Rights


POL 133

Moot Court


POL 138

International Law


POL 176

Public Policy


POL 180

State and Local Government


POL 188

Administrative Law


Criminal Law:

POL 107

Criminal Law


SOC 109

Forensics Studies: Criminalistics


SOC 110

Deviant Behavior: Juvenile Delinquency


SOC 111

Deviant Behavior:Criminology


Theory and Process:

PHI 155

Symbolic Logic


PHI 165

Philosophy of Law


POL 120

Legislative Process


POL 121

Judicial Politics


Any upper division course approved by the Director of the Pre-Law Minor.