Special Programs

A maximum of six non-required units in Special Programs (including Physical Education)may be applied to requirements of the Baccalaureate degree. A maximum of four non-required units in Special Programs (including Physical Education) may be applied to requirements of the Associate degree. Unless otherwise noted, special program classes are credit/no credit. Courses with an X designation are non-transferable to the Baccalaureate program.

Interdisciplinary Courses

INT 91AB Humanities: Los Angeles (1)

Study will focus on the early history of Los Angeles through study, readings, and field trips to historical points. (Credit/No Credit). Can be repeated for credit.

INT 93/193A/B Guided Experience in the Arts (1.5,1.5)

A. Explores the rich cultural opportunities of Los Angeles, and includes attendance at selected plays, concerts, and special art exhibits, including pre- and post-event discussion.

B. Continuation of 93/193A. To satisfy General Studies GS-IIIA, both the A and B segments must be successfully completed.

INT 95/195 Study/Travel: European History and Culture (1-6)

Seminars on the Fine Arts focusing on major European capitals of art, music and the theater, culminating in actual travel to at least two of these capitals. Open to all students with some background in the arts or consent of the instructor. GS-IIIA

INT 96A/B/C Culture, Race and Communication (1,1,1)

Study and interaction focused on culture and intercultural conflicts. Topics introduced include race and racism, stereotyping and prejudice, and understanding privilege. Emphasis on communication skills. Can be repeated for credit.

INT 194A Introduction to Drama and Dance (1)

Study will focus on an introduction to the performing arts using the concepts included in the California State Frameworks and standards at a level appropriate for college study. Primary emphases will be placed on the study and appreciation of drama and dance.

Other Courses

SPR 11 Seminar (1-3)

May be repeated for credit.

SPR 12 Studies in Humanities (1-3)

May be repeated for credit.

SPR 13 Studies in Contemporary Society (1-3)

May be repeated for credit.

SPR 14 Independent Study (1-3)

May be repeated for credit.

SPR 15 Workshop (1-3)

May be repeated for credit.

SPR 18/118 Career Planning Seminar (1)

Assessment of one's needs, interests, skills, and values; application to decisions about work, leisure time, choice of major, and academic planning. Introduction to sources of career information and traditional and non-traditional search methods, with special emphasis on resume writing and interviewing skills. Required for Business Administration majors.

SPR 22X Becoming a Master Student (1)

An opportunity for students to learn and adopt concrete techniques and specific strategies for success in college.

SPR 23X Strategies for Academic Success (1)

The objective of this course is to empower students with academic skills necessary to return to acceptable academic standing during the current semester. The student will gain skills to enable her to self-assess and make appropriate adjustments in academic habits essential for long-term collegiate and professional success.

SPR 25 Scholar Mentor Seminar (1)

A survey of the issues and skills needed for successful peer tutoring. Emphasis is placed on understanding of tutoring principles and practices important for initiating a productive tutorial relationship. Permission of instructor is required.

SPR 25A Resident Assistant Seminar (1)

A more advanced course which is designed to develop leadership skills. Special attention is paid to self-understanding, program presentation and problem solving. Permission of instructor is required.

SPR 26 Student Advocate Class (1)

This class is designed to introduce student leaders to skills necessary to be effective student advocates. Topics of discussion include group dynamics, confidentiality, networking, and interpersonal communication skills. Special attention is focused on the complexities of responding to counseling situations encountered in their day to day work. Permission of instructor is required.

SPR 27/127 Student Health Advocate (1)

This course is designed to assist the student in the development of skills effective in health promotion. The student will be guided through a selection of a health-related subjects pertinent to the college or community population; development of a plan to design and deliver the information through selected media; and, evaluation of the project outcomes. Permission of instructor is required.

SPR 51X College Skills: Reading (1)

A course designed to address the vocabulary, speech, and comprehension skills required to meet the demands of college classes. (Graded)

SPR 53X College Skills: Writing (1-3)

A course designed to address writing skills to meet the college proficiency writing requirement. (Cr/NC)

SPR 55X Reading Development (3)

A course designed to strengthen reading skills with an emphasis on the SQ3R method. It includes vocabulary development through the study of structural analysis and context clues and the reading and discussion of selected imaginative and expository pieces. (Graded)

SPR 56X College Skills: Mathematics (1)

A course designed to address the basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. (Cr/NC)

SPR 57X Basic Mathematics (3)

A skills course in fundamental processes of arithmetic designed to develop both accuracy and speed in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. (Graded) Does not fulfill AA Liberal Arts math requirement.

SPR 60A Social Action (1-3)

A multi-faceted community action program geared to help people in need. Approximately fifteen hours of volunteer work under supervision in an approved agency or center and a weekly seminar required. May be repeated for credit. Fulfills outreach requirement which may also be fulfilled by fieldwork or clinical experience required by specific majors, or by successful completion of a service learning (SL) course.

SPR 70 Careers in Health (1)

A course designed to explore selected careers in health. Gives the student an opportunity to develop career goals related to individual interest and skills. Includes an introduction to medical terminology. Required for AA. Pre-health majors. (Graded)

SPR 71 Preparation for Nursing (1)

Introduces cognitive skills and learned behaviors required for the professional nursing role. Practice and development of communication skills, word and reading comprehension, math calculations, test-taking skills, and time management. Recommended for students preparing for the Baccalaureate nursing program. Does not fulfill the requirement for NUR 42A, Fundamentals of Nursing and credit does not apply toward the Baccalaureate degree. Prerequisite: Declared nursing major and success in required courses.

SPR 72 Career Exploration (1)

Designed to allow students with undeclared majors or those considering a change of major to explore educational and career options. Using various assessment tools and exercises students will examine their talents, skills, interests and values as they relate to determining major and career choices. Emphasis placed on the decision-making process in regards to choosing appropriate major and career goals. Resume and cover letter writing as well as interviewing skills will be discussed. (Graded)

SPR 85 Introduction to College Studies (1)

This course, coordinated by the Division of Student Affairs, is designed to assist new students in successfully transitioning into Mount St. Mary's College. Faculty members conduct this class in a seminar format and address the most common issues facing first-year students. Course topics may include time-management, effective utilization of college technology, self-care and stress management, academic planning, career planning and introduction to college resources. First-year students enroll in this course during the Fall semester of their freshman year. SPR 85 is a required class for all students entering the College with less than 24 units. (Graded)

SPR 87 Technology Internship (0.5)

In this course, a student participates by assisting faculty and various academic and administrative departments in using technology effectively and efficiently. Students should have a reasonable understanding of computers prior to enrolling in this course. Under the direction of the Coordinator for Technology Mediated Instruction, students are given appropriate training and placed in areas of need and student interest, such as video conferencing, web page design and development, technology equipment distribution/set up. May be repeated for credit.

SPR 96X Summer Study Skills Workshop (1)

Workshop offered to incoming freshmen to review study skills and prepare for college level work in writing, reading, basic math, and studying the sciences.

SPR 99 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (1)

After participation in an extended training seminar, undergraduate teaching assistants will support the faculty of SPR 85—Introduction to College Studies. Responsibilities may include facilitating class discussion, reviewing assignments, providing assistance, support and encouragement to first-year students, serving as a role model and engaging in out-of-class contact with students. Upon completion of the semester, the teaching assistant is required to submit a reflective journal. Enrollment is limited to students selected for this leadership position. Permission of instructor is required.