Department Affiliation: Language and Culture

Japanese Courses

The department of Language and Culture offers two semesters of Japanese that can be taken to fulfill the General Studies language requirement. All Japanese courses can be taken as electives.

JPN 1 Elementary Japanese I (4)

This course develops the student's four communication skills. The course reviews selected grammar, builds vocabulary and Kanji. The different levels of politeness in speech are introduced. The course also covers topics that enhance the student's awareness and understanding of Japanese culture. GS-IV

JPN 2 Elementary Japanese II (4)

This course continues perfecting the student's four communication skills. By extensive aural/oral and reading/writing exercises, the student achieves further proficiency in the target language. It focuses on building vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and Kanji to help students discuss and write essays with enough ease on selected topics including Japanese culture, literature, and history. GS-IV

JPN 3 Intermediate Japanese I (3)

This course continues developing the student's four communication skills in Japanese: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. It consists of reviews of Japanese grammar, vocabulary building, and expansion of Kanji. Oral discussion and conversation are based on selected topics appropriate to the level. Prerequisite: Japanese 2

JPN 4 Intermediate Japanese II (3)

This course concentrates on further perfecting the student's four communication skills. It focuses on the review of functional Japanese grammar with emphasis on idiomatic construction and expression. The difference between spoken and written Japanese, and different levels of politeness in speech are studied along with select features of Japanese culture, history, art, literature, and Japanese political and economic system. Prerequisite: Japanese 3

JPN 5 Practical Conversation Japanese (1)

This course is designed to develop effective oral communication skills. It focuses on the use of practical phrases, idiomatic expressions, and useful vocabulary suitable for various situations, and develops the ability to communicate in a given situation. The Japanese writing systems are not introduced in this course. Provides a basic understanding of the culture of modern Japan. This course does not fulfill the language requirement. Prerequisite: None

JPN 194 Travel/Study

Pre-travel lectures, readings, and sessions of learning and using basic Japanese conversation as well as guided tours in the country serve as basis for a study/travel program, with each participant developing a project highlighting the travel experiences. Prerequisite: None