Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Liberal Arts

Departmental Affiliation: English
(Offered through Weekend College)

The Liberal Arts major involves the study of human conflict and struggle, triumph and achievement and human societies, culture, and history from the multiple perspectives of the humanities and the social sciences. By means of this exciting interdisciplinary major, a student can explore and combine the varied insights into human art and activity that are revealed by the disciplines and methodology of psychology, literature, art, history, philosophy, religious studies, music, sociology, economics, and anthropology.

Building on the base of the General Studies curriculum, students select courses for their major from at least two disciplines in humanities and two in social sciences. This broad focus of perspectives allows the student to reflect critically on human nature and society and to explore chosen themes such as the character of American culture or women's issues from a variety of intellectual angles, and to do so in depth and with rigor.

The Liberal Arts major provides a solid background for graduate work in Law, Public Administration, and most fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Students who wish to develop a strong professional specialization are encouraged to combine the major with a minor, such as Business Administration.


LIB 10 Introduction to the Liberal Arts (1-3 units)

Designed to give students an idea of what it means to be involved in an interdisciplinary course of study. Introduces students to the Liberal Arts tradition and provides an overview of the humanities and social sciences. Offers a review of research methods and writing skills and prepares students for the Senior Seminar.

LIB 110 Senior Seminar (3 units)

Provides Liberal Arts majors an opportunity to reflect upon the nature of interdisciplinary study and find connections and contrasts between a humanistic perspective and a social science perspective. The course, taken in the senior year, culminates in a written paper or presentation (including a written component). The paper/presentation focuses on a topic chosen by the student (with the instructor's approval) and results in a well-developed research paper, which demonstrates the student's understanding and critical assessment of the topic.

A minimum of thirty units in Liberal Arts offerings, of which twenty-four must be upper division. A minimum of four of the upper-division courses must be in the humanities, representing at least two of the following disciplines:






Religious studies

A minimum of four upper-division courses must be in the social sciences, representing at least two of the following disciplines:


Political science





Plus General Studies requirements and electives totaling 124 semester units, including Modern Language requirement of two courses in Modern Language or Cultural Studies.

Total Units in Liberal Arts: 34-36