Journalism and New Media

Department Affiliation: English

Media is no longer limited to the traditional forms of television, radio, and movies. The internet and new technology have taken media to a whole new level.

The Journalism and New Media Major at Mount St. Mary’s College gives our students a solid foundation in writing and critical skills, along with a thorough education in television, radio, film, and the ever-growing world of the internet. 

We give our students a foundation to become the new voices in society, so they participate and have a profound, meaningful influence upon the world. 

Journalism and New Media B.A. Degree

Required Core Courses (18 units):

JRN 101/

FLM 126

Basic News Writing


JRN 102

Advanced Reporting & News Writing


JRN 110

Ethics & Legalities


ENG 107

Professional Writing


ENG 108

The News Media


JRN 190/ FLM 197



At least two (2) of the following (6 units):

JRN 96/ 196

Oracle Newspaper


JRN 120

Investigative Reporting


JRN 130

In-depth Social Issue Reporting


ENG 109

Writing, Voice & View


At least four (4) of the following (12 units):

FLM 133

Culture, Music & Broadcasting


FLM 147A/ 147B



FLM 155

ProTools Essentials


FLM 156

On-Screen Acting


FLM 157



Total units required for B.A. in Journalism & New Media: 36

Plus general studies requirements and electives totaling at least 124 semester units, including foreign language requirement.

Journalism and New Media Courses

JRN 101 Basic News Writing (3)

An introduction to writing for news including broadcast, websites and other news formats (online and print). Instruction will include in-class writing assignments on deadline, out-of-class reporting assignments, and writing to video. Students will also learn basic legal guidelines for news gathering and reporting. Contributions to "The Oracle" will be included. (See FLM 26/126)

JRN 102 Advanced Reporting and News Writing (3)

Reporting techniques and intensive experience in identifying news sources, interviewing, researching, and constructing the story. Practice in a variety of types of journalistic writing. Emphasis on journalism ethics and law. Prerequisite: JRN 101 or equivalent.

JRN 110 Ethics & Legalities (3)

This course explores the ethical and legal aspects in the field of journalism. Legal issues will include access, confidential sources, impersonation, privacy, fair use law, basic internet law and libel. Ethical issue will include plagiarism, dealing with victims of tragedy, "ambush" interviews, personal political activism, conflicts of interest and accountability.

JRN 120 Investigative Reporting (3)

An advanced Journalism class, this course will focus on building the skills and techniques of investigative reporting including use of the Freedom of Information Law, access to public records, searching criminal records, use of databases, verifying information and interview techniques. Pre-requisites: JRN 101,102 & 110.

JRN 130 In-depth Social Issue Reporting (3)

An advanced Journalism class on in-depth reporting on current social issues that impact local communities. Social issues such as health, education, race relations or the environment will be explored through reporting techniques that include surveying local communities, computer-aided reporting, database information analysis and in-the-field interviews. Pre-requisites: JRN 101,102 & 110.

JRN 96/196 Oracle Workshop (3-9)

Guides students through the monthly production of the student newspaper. Addresses all aspects of production including reporting, writing, editing, layout and advertising. May be repeated for credit.

JRN 190 Internship (3-9)

Internship site is to be selected and agreed upon by both student and Program Director. For majors only. Student must be able to provide own transportation to internship site. May be repeated for credit. (See FLM 197)