Physical Science

Departmental Affiliation: Physical Science and Mathematics

Physical Science Courses

All students enrolled in a laboratory course will be required to pass an annual Laboratory Safety Exam.  Each student will be allowed to take the test a maximum of two times.  If a student does not pass the exam on the second attempt, he or she will be dropped from all laboratory classes.

PHS 1 Scientific Concepts (3)

This introductory course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge of the scientific principles that govern our environment. The primary emphasis is chemistry, including an overview of the properties of chemicals with a closer look at the atom, the elements, and chemical bonds and reactions. Also addressed are topics in Physics such as mechanics, heat and energy. This course will provide students with the foundation needed for continued study in the sciences and applied fields such as nursing. GS-IIID, VIIB

PHS 2AB General Physical Science (2,2)

This course for the non-science major surveys the four main fields of physical science: physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geology. It explores how things work and how we find out. Elementary mathematical concepts are introduced as required. Recommended for students planning to become teachers. GS-IIID, VIIA

PHS 2 Contemporary Physical Science (3)

A survey of the four major physical sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geology with a special emphasis on contemporary concerns. GS-IIID, GS-VIIA. Offered in Weekend College format only.

PHS 4 Elementary Environmental Studies (3)

An introduction to the study of human's physical resources and environment leading to a consideration of the problems of conservation and pollution. Prerequisite: PHS 1 or PHS 2A. GS-IIID

PHS 5 Selected Topics in Physical Science (1-3)

Prerequisite: Consent of the department.