Pre-Health Science

Associate in Arts Degree

The Pre-Health Science Program is designed for students who wish to pursue studies which prepare them for a healthcare or biological sciences related profession. The Pre-Health Science Program provides the student with the opportunity to take general studies requirements and preparatory courses for baccalaureate programs in Nursing, Biology, and related fields. The program is designed to provide the student the opportunity to consider career alternatives.

The program has two areas of emphasis: Pre-Health Science Biological Sciences and Pre-Health Science Nursing. Students need to select an emphasis prior to entering the program. Students completing the Pre-Health Science Program requirements will receive an Associate in Arts degree.

Pre-Health Science Associate in Arts Degree

Core Requirements


General Psychology



Life Science



Human Anatomy /Lab



Human Physiology/Lab










Scientific Concepts


SPR 70

Careers in Health


SPE 10

Intro to Communication


Plus meet all the requirements for the A.A. Degree

Pre-Health Science: Biological Sciences Emphasis

The Biological Sciences emphasis is designed to prepare students for transfer into the Biological Sciences Major with a BS or BA degree, or Biological Science BA degree with Pre-Health Profession emphasis at Chalon.

AA students who qualify may choose to transfer to Chalon after their first year in the program and fulfill the Biological Science with BS, or BA degree in five years. Students who transfer prior to receiving their AA degree cannot request it retroactively.

Students may also choose to complete an AA Pre-Health Science with a Biological Science emphasis at Doheny in two years. If they then transfer to the Biological Science program at Chalon, the BS or BA degree will take four additional years (six years altogether).

Math Requirement for an AA Pre-Health Science with Biological Science emphasis: 6 – 12 units of MATH required depending on placement exam scores. (See your Advisor for more information)

Pre-Health Science: Nursing Emphasis

The Nursing emphasis is designed to prepare students for transfer into the Bachelor of Science degree - Major in Nursing (BSN) program on the Chalon campus. Admission to MSMC does not constitute admission to the Nursing program.

In addition to the courses required the A.A. Pre-Health Science: Nursing Emphasis, to be considered for admittance into the BS NUR program, students must also complete:




Introduction to Sociology


Introduction to Psychology

PSY 12

Child/Human Development

Admission to the BSN program:

  • Is determined by the Admissions Committee of the Nursing Department.
  • To the sophomore level entry is considered for fall semester only.
  • Is highly competitive. The BSN Admission Committee strongly suggests achieving a G.P.A. well above the minimum requirement.

Priority will be given to students who meet the required criteria and have completed two semesters at MSMC.

In order to be eligible for review, applicants must meet the criteria stated in the traditional BSN Program Admission Policy: Admissions Requirement.