NUR 294 Evaluation and Testing (2)

This course will present concepts of assessment, measurement, testing, and evaluation in nursing education. The students will be prepared to utilize this knowledge in the role of the nurse educator. The course is designed to include strategies used to develop test items, clinical evaluation, evaluation of clinical performance, as well as social/legal/ethical issues associated with assessment and testing. Prerequisites: Admission into the MSN Program and graduate standing. Successful completion of NUR 201, 203, 206, and 208.

NUR 295 Educator Practicum (agency setting) (3)

This course is designed to prepare students to assume the role of a professional nursing development specialist within an agency. In this practicum, the student will gain experience in staff development. Competencies identified by the Association for Professional Nursing Development (ANPD) are emphasized. Prerequisites: Successful completion of NUR 200, 201, 203, 206, 208, 246, 248, 290, 294, and 298.

NUR 296 Thesis Project Seminar (3)

The focus of this seminar is implementation and evaluation of the project proposal developed in NUR 290 (Nursing Research and Methodologies) once written facility approval has been obtained. Findings of project implementation and evaluation will be presented and discussed in Chapters 4 and 5. Completion of this course requires submission of an approved final thesis project which includes revised Chapters 1, 2, and 3. This seminar will provide the student with the opportunity to meet with the faculty throughout the term to discuss the progress of the thesis project and to obtain guidance from the course faculty member.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of NUR 201, 203, and 290.

NUR 297 Educator Practicum (college setting) (3)

This course will provide students with experiences to prepare them as academic educators of pre-licensure RN students in a college-level nursing program. The student will be assigned a college setting in which to prepare the coursework and assist with the evaluation process while being supervised by a BRN approved faculty member. Students will function in the role of an academic educator through participation in the varied aspects of a college environment. Prerequisites: Admission to the MSN program. Successful completion of NUR 200, 201,203, 206, 208, 246, 248, 290, 294 (may be taken concurrently), and 298.

NUR 298 Nurse Educator Role (1)

This course will introduce the student to the Nurse Educator role in a variety of settings. This will include academic setting, staff development, nurse counselor, and clinical nurse educator. Understanding the nurse educator role using the NLN and ANPD educator competencies as well as the ANA standards will be a primary focus of the course. Prerequisites: Admission into the MSN Program, graduate standing, and NUR 203 (may be taken concurrently).

NUR 299 Independent Study (1-3)

The faculty and student determine the focus of the independent study. The study may center on a problem of interest and/or desire to acquire a greater understanding of certain concepts/ processes. This may involve but not limited to directed readings, assignments, projects, and research. Prerequisite: Admission into the MSN program, graduate standing. Consent of instructor, approval of faculty advisor, and program director.

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