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How long until completion?


The ADN to MSN Program is a minimum of three years depending on track and course load. The first year in the program is the Bridge coursework and General Studies courses before transitioning into graduate standing. Upon obtaining graduate standing, you will begin coursework related to your MSN track which is a minimum of 2 years.

Do I need work experience?


Yes,  please see admission requirements.

When are the application deadlines?


We have rolling admissions and accept students in Fall, Spring, or Summer. Application deadlines are June 30th for Fall, October 30th for Spring, and March 30th for Summer.

When are classes offered and do you offer an online option?


Classes are offered in the evenings during the week or on the weekend. For the first year Bridge work, nursing courses are offered during the week in the evenings. This allows the weekend for General Studies courses in the weekend format. A few courses are offered online but we do not offer an entire online degree. Practica are typically scheduled during the day, Monday through Friday, to accommodate agencies.

What is the cost of the program?


The cost of the program is dependent on track chosen. Each track requires a different number of credit units. Please contact Graduate Admissions for current tuition fees.

What kind of financial aid does MSMC offer?


MSMC offers limited scholarships for graduate students. You may contact our financial aid office for help with government loans. Some hospitals offer tuition reimbursement programs. For outside scholarships, please consult the American Association of Colleges of Nursing website (

Where can I purchase malpractice insurance for my practicum courses?

You can visit to purchase Nurses Professional Liability Insurance.

Can I start the program with outstanding General Studies classes?


We have a list of General Studies courses needed for the BSN degree listed on our website. Three courses (ENG 1B or 1C, Critical Thinking, and Speech) are required to start the Bridge program. All other General Studies courses may be taken while in the program. We offer General Studies courses through our Weekend College Program.  Please feel free to contact our coordinator to discuss which General Studies courses you have remaining and to plan an individualized program.

When will I receive my BSN degree?


Some courses will meet the BSN and MSN requirement in order to accelerate the program. This allows the completion time of both degrees in a shorter period, but the students will not meet the BSN requirements until well into their MSN degree. Most students are eligible to apply for the BSN and MSN simultaneously. Students may apply for their BSN degree once students complete the Bridge curriculum, satisfactorily complete the General Studies program as outlined for a baccalaureate degree; AND complete the following MSN courses as defined by the program

  • NUR 201 Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations in Nursing (taken during Bridge)
  • NUR 203 Introduction to Graduate Studies (taken during Bridge)
  • NUR 290 Research (taken as a graduate student in the MSN Program)
  • MSN Practica series of selected track, e.g. NUR 295 and NUR 297 for Educator track (taken in the last 2 terms as a graduate student in the MSN Program).


Will I be eligible to apply for a Public Health Nursing Certificate?

Yes, as a BSN graduate you will meet the criterion to apply for a Public Health Nursing certificate.

What percentage of graduates of this program who take the licensure exam pass the exam?

The examination required to become licensed as a registered nurse is the NCLEX exam. The percentage of Mount St. Mary's College students who passed the exam the first time they took it can be found at: