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¡Enlaces! Certificate in Counseling the Spanish-Speaking Client

Coursework familiarizes you with the diversity of cultures in the Spanish-speaking community, the unique issues that these cultures bring to the Spanish-language psychological literature, in addition to providing reflective experience working with Spanish speaking clients. This certificate program is unique to the Southern California Region, and is sponsored by the American Psychological Association's Office of Ethic Minority Affairs.

This Certificate Requires:

  • PSY 227 Intro to Counseling - ¡Enlaces! 
  • PSY 235 Group Counseling-  ¡Enlaces! 
  • PSY 236 Family Counseling- ¡Enlaces! 
  • PSY 241 Couples Counseling- ¡Enlaces! 
  • PSY 269 Counseling Practicum - ¡Enlaces!
  • (Internship must involve work with Spanish-speaking clients) 
  • PSY 274 Child and Adolescent Counseling-¡Enlaces!