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Program Specializations

Marriage and Family Therapy (60 units)

This specialization will prepare students academically to become Marriage and Family Therapists/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. The goals of the program is on clinical evaluation, treatment, law and ethics, human diversity and research competence when treating clients in emotional distress in a variety of treatment settings.  This three-year program includes: foundational courses in Year 1, clinical courses in Year 2, and 250 hours (face-to-face) of clinical fieldwork experience in Year 3.

General Counseling Psychology (36 Units)

Our General Counseling Psychology specialization prepares students more broadly in the field of psychology (21-units of core psychology courses). The remaining 15-units can be obtained in Psychology or other graduate level courses in Humanities, Religious Studies, Education, and Business. This specialization is designed for students who wish to earn a master’s degree in this fascinating field, but are not interested in becoming licensed therapists. 

¡Enlaces! Certificate-Counseling the Spanish-Speaking Client

The ¡Enlaces! Certificate familiarizes students with the diversity of cultures in the Spanish-speaking community and the unique issues that these cultures bring to the counseling setting. Professional terminology and theory in Spanish, and the Spanish-language psychological literature, are emphasized, in addition to practicum experience working with Spanish-speaking clients. This certificate program is a unique focus of the Mount St. Mary's College Master's in Counseling degree (MFT Specialization required.)