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Graduate Classes Available for Cross-Registration

The following courses are open to MSMC graduate students from all disciplines on a space available basis.    Students should contact their academic adviser before registering for cross-registered courses to determine the advisability of taking courses outside their primary area of study.

NUR 204 – Healthcare Policy
NUR 247 – Foundations and Ethical Principles in Leadership and Consultation
NUR 253 – Organizational Management in Healthcare
NUR 254 – Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations
NUR 256 – Organizational Change and Strategic Planning for Healthcare

Religious Studies and Theology
RST 242 – Fundamental Christian Ethics (cross listing with Nursing, Business, Humanities, Education, Psychology)
RST 256 – Biomedical Ethics (Nursing, Physical Therapy)
RST 247 – Sexual Ethics (Psychology, Humanities)
RST 280A – Theories of Pastoral Counseling (Psychology)
RST 280B – Issues in Pastoral Counseling (Psychology)
RST 250 – Sojourners & Strangers (Humanities 225)
RST 251 – Contemporary Ethics of Justice (Humanities 225)

EDU 206 – School and Society
EDU 253 – Language Competence and Education
EDU 252 – Culture and Cultural Diversity
EDU 251 – Child and Adolescent Development and Learning Across Cultures

BUS 201 – Foundation of Business Economics
BUS 202 - Essentials of Accounting
BUS 203 – Essentials of Finance
BUS 205 – Essentials of Management
BUS 206 – Essentials of Marketing

Counseling Psychology
PSY 267 D1 – Grant Writing

Humanities – All.