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Alumni Snapshot

Gloria Gonzalez

Gloria GonzalezWhen did you graduate from MSMC? What degree(s) did you earn?

In 1996, I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts, and a Multiple Subject Credential w/ English concentration, and minors in Spanish and Psychology.

Where are you currently working?

I run my own educational consulting business, called Brilliant Minds Learning Academy, where I am a Bilingual Reading Specialist and an Educational Consultant. My work ranges from contracting with school districts for teacher staff development, to teaching reading and writing classes, to offering parent literacy classes. I also provide reading testing services for private clients and do some child advocacy work.

What kind of leadership initiatives are you currently involved with?

I currently sit on the board for the California Reading Association as the president of the San Gabriel Valley Reading Council. We provide literacy initiatives and staff development for school districts across the state, and we also partner with community agencies who develop and support literacy. Our goal as a non profit, independent entity is to promote research-based literacy practices and provide cutting edge literacy staff development for teachers so that children in our schools get quality instruction.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your work as an educator, and/or how MSMC helped prepare you for the work you’re doing?

MSMC gave me a strong liberal arts education that enabled me to see the interconnectedness of many disciplines. Through that experience I have been able to build collaborations with school districts, businesses, non-profits, and community members to advocate for comprehensive literacy development. My work with Campus Ministry also instilled in me the desire to reach out and make a difference everywhere I go. I feel MSMC helped me begin the process of living an “examined life” through the seminars and retreats I attended, as well as through class discussions that often centered around issues of equality and justice. I was also given many opportunities to develop my voice and leadership skills. For example, living in the dorms as a resident assistant forced me to become a better problem solver. I also got to enter into the lives of many fine women, and fostered friendships that I still nurture and enjoy. In summary, I strive to live an integrated life with depth, and to follow a career path allowing for constant growth and a family life with strong bonds. These goals were ignited during my years at the Mount. For MSMC’s footprint, I will always be grateful.