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Clear Multiple and Single Subject Teacher Preparation Program (with option to combine with MS Degree in Education)

Welcome to our Clear Credential program! We are excited to offer two possibilities for clearing your multiple subjects or single subject credential.

First, you can clear your credential in as few as 4 units. This 4-unit program involves weekend seminar sessions, some of which are hybrid online.  These courses take place on six Saturday or Sunday mornings per semester from 8:00-10:15AM, leaving you the rest of the day to yourselves. We have one or two year options. Eligibility for the one-year program depends upon your experience and expertise. Make an appointment with an advisor to learn more. Call 213-477-2620.

Also, you may choose to complete your Clear Credential work in conjunction with a Master of Science Degree in Education (30 units total). Depending upon your work history and interests, you may choose either our Instructional Leadership program (for teacher leaders) or our Individually Designed program. An advisor can help you determine which program and course plan is right for you. The 4 units completed as part of the Clear Credential program would count toward the Masters program.

Please note that you must be employed as a teacher in order to complete the Clear Credential program.

As a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) approved Fifth Year of Study Program, Mount St. Mary's College is able to recommend you for the Clear Credential upon completion of the program.

Required Clear Credential Seminars (4 units)

EDU 225A Assessment in Teacher Development (1 unit)
EDU 225B Professional Investigation I (1 unit)
EDU 225C Professional Investigation II (1 unit)
EDU 225D Portfolio Development and Analysis (1 unit)

Required Masters Project Courses (6 units) (if choosing to complete a masters degree)

EDU 200 Research Methods (3)
EDU 296A Masters Project Proposal Seminar (2)
EDU 296B Maters Project Seminar (1) 

Strongly Encouraged Electives (up to 8 units)

EDU 270B Special Populations: Supporting Educational Equity and Access (2)
EDU 213B Healthy Environments for Student Learning (2)
EDU 205 Applied Technologies for Educators (2)
EDU 289 English Learners: Supporting Educational Equity and Access (2)

Additional Electives (up to 12 units) (if choosing to complete a masters degree)

While elective courses may be selected from any of the graduate education course offerings, the following courses are recommended. Teachers may also apply for transfer of up to six units of graduate credit for courses taken at other institutions.

EDU 240
Curriculum Design and Evaluation (3)
EDU 242 Creating Inclusive and Motivating Classroom Environments for All Students (3)
EDU 245A/B Formative Assessment Induction Portfolio Review (3-3)
EDU 246 Grant Writing for Classroom Resources (3)
EDU 272 Positive Behavior Supports for Students with Special Needs (3)
EDU 275 Literacy Instruction for Struggling Readers and Writers (3)
EDU 299 Special Topics in Education (3)

Application Requirements

Student Spotlight
Lesa Weinberg-Millard

Lesa Weinberg-Millard
I knew the minute I walked onto the campus that this was where I wanted to get my teaching credential.
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