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Student Spotlights

Bruce Matteson

Instructional Leadership

Mount St. Mary’s College has made the transition into graduate school a practical experience as well as a valuable one. I investigated programs at other colleges and universities around the greater Los Angeles area, and Mount St. Mary’s impressed me on a number of levels. I appreciated the friendly assistance from all of the staff and faculty, as I had not been in school for some time, and the registration process can be stressful at any campus but Mount St. Mary’s always made me feel important and no question or concern was too minor to address.

Upon being accepted into the Instructional Leadership Masters Program, I was pleased to discover that the courses were not only of interest, but practical as well. I had always heard horror stories that in graduate school the professors are out of touch with classroom realities, and that the course material was dated and impractical but this has not been my experience at Mount St. Marys. I found that the courses offered have made me reflect upon what I have been doing effectively, and what I need to update or retool in order to better communicate with my post-modern students.

I have also enjoyed my fellow students, who have, like me, been involved with the daily challenges of inner city education, both in public and private schools. As teaching can be a very isolating profession, the shared wisdom and experiences of my colleagues has been comforting as well as educational. The skills I have honed, ideas I have been able to put into my daily teaching, and the relationships with other students, professors, and administrators have made my decision to come to the Mount a good one. Do yourself a favor: visit the campus and get started on the degree your concerns may be keeping you from!