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Travel Study

2014 Fall

The Splendors of Italy featuring Rome, Florence, & Assisi
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We are pleased to announce that as part of our on-going effort to provide quality travel study education, Mount St. Mary's Weekend College and the Humanities Program are offering an educational tour to Europe, featuring the treasures of Italy.  We have an exciting trip planned. The itinerary includes stays in Rome, with visits to Florence and Assisi. The panned excursions and guided city tours will offer hands-on experiential lessons in history, art, and culture of Renaissance Italy. We are once again traveling with EA Tours, which specializes in custom itineraries that are safe, rewarding and fun.

The tour price, if pair by check or cash is $3, 495.00; otherwise the standard non-discounted price is $3,595.00 and includes roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles, point-to-point transportation between cities while in Italy, all hotels, all breakfasts, four dinners, and guided tours. In addition to guided sightseeing, there will also be time for personal discovery and shopping. This will certainly prove to be a highlight in your lives.

See brochure here.

2013 Spring/Summer

HUM 284CS: 10 Days in Paris May 21, 2013 [M. Fine and C. Spikes]
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Follow us as we unwrap the tales of medieval France and early modern Paris. Like Caesar, dip your toe in the Roman baths of Cluny, stand where the last Knights Templar were burned at the stake, walk the same route of Kind Louis 16th and Marie Antoinette as they made their way to the guillotine, explore the museum of Paris in a 17th century private home, visit the inspiration for Versailles with an unforgettable candle-light tour and more!

From the Department of Language and Culture, Profs. Fine and Spikes will hosting an information session on the upcoming trip to Paris on Saturday, September 7, 2012, in the Large Conference Room in Building 2.


2012 Spring/Summer

HUM284CS or HUM268H: Splendors of Italy June 9-17, 2012 [J. Crawford]
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Travel to Italy and study the culture of the ancient Roman Empire! As we travel, we will visit key ancient sites and collections such as the Roman port of Ostia, Pompeii, and the museum of antiquities in Naples. In Florence and the Vatican we will study the ancient Greco-Roman inspiration for Renaissance art. We will also visit the Forum and the Coliseum. Join us for a trip through time!


2011 Summer

African Americans in California - Allensworth State Park August 13-14, 2011 [F. Simonelli]
In 1908 Colonel Allen Allensworth founded an independent township in Tulare County, 30 miles north of Bakersfield, CA, the first community founded and financed entirely by and for African Americans at a time when violence against black Americans was epidemic. This travel study course will explore Colonel Allensworth’s life and career and visit the Allensworth State Park where his Township has been lovingly preserved and restored.