Spring 2014

RST 220 Theories and Methods (3 Units)

Instructor: Sr. Darlene Kawulok
WEC Format: Saturdays
January 11; January 25; February 15; March 8; March 22; April 12

Each Saturday is divided into 5 time blocks. The class will meet with the professor in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th time slot. The second and fourth time periods, students will be in the library working on research assignments.

Course description (from catalogue): An introduction to the various methodologies used in theological research. It presents the research skills required to study the Church as a living, Christian community constantly interpreting its own life within the context of an ongoing relationship with God.



RST 243 Catholic Social Teachings (3 Units)

Instructor: Rev. Guillermo Garcia
Traditional Format: Tuesday evenings (beginning January 14th), 6-9 pm

Course description (from catalogue): A theological investigation of the collection of Catholic Social Teachings developed since the end of the 19th century when Christian morality, rooted in Scripture and tradition, encountered contemporary social problems.



RST 239 ST: In Search of the Historical Jesus (1 Unit)

Instructor: Dan Van Dyke
WEC Format: Saturday and Sunday
          March 1st – 2nd