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Admission Requirements

Program Description

The MFA in Creative Writing Program is a 36-unit interdisciplinary course of study that culminates in a terminal degree. The coursework includes fifteen semester hours in creative writing workshops; twelve semester hours in Humanities electives, three hours in professional development courses, and six hours thesis.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the minimum college requirements for graduate study. An undergraduate major in English, History, or Cultural Studies is desirable, but applications from candidates who have majored in related fields will be considered. Admission is based on samples of previous creative writing in the student’s chosen genre (10-20 pages), academic record, and three letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a creative writing instructor or professional writer.


The MFA in Creative Writing is a 36-unit terminal degree program that qualifies the holder to teach at the college level.

The course of study leading to the degree is comprised of three components:

  1. Creative Writing: Workshop Classes
  2. Academic: Humanities classes in English, Cultural Studies, and History.
  3. Professional: Internships and Teaching Assistantships that will assist students to prepare for the rigors of the marketplace. The open forum readings, as well as the writers’ conference offer additional opportunities for professional development.

Requirements—36 units total

  1. Completion of fifteen semester hours in creative writing workshops
  2. ompletion of twelve semester hours of Humanities electives
  3. Professional development: 299A teaching assistantships; 299B editorial or community engagement mentoring internships; or 299C publishing seminar.
  4. Thesis CW296A/B (6 units): Students will participate in a graduate writing workshop each semester and take additional courses for credit, at least one each in English, History, or Cultural Studies. Typically, the student will take two courses per semester.


Completion of the MFA in Creative Writing degree requires the submission of a publication-ready, 100-page manuscript in one genre – fiction, creative non-fiction, screen play or teleplay; or 50 pages of poetry – closely reviewed, edited and refined under the guidance of the student’s Thesis Committee.