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MBA Cohort May 2014 Student Profiles



Lucila Acevedo

Industry: Internet  


Position: Executive Administrator

Comments: I look forward to using the knowledge gained in the program to advance my career.



Genaro Bugarin

Industry: Retail

Organization: Petco

Position: Director of Distribution

Comments: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." -Albert Einstein-



Bianca Cerritos

Industry: Fitness

Organization: Krav Maga Worldwide

Position: Operation Manager

Comments: I look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding so that I may be successful in anything I do.



Nicholas Connell

Industry: Natural Energy

Organization: Sempra Energy - Southern California Gas Company

Position: Energy Programs Specialist

Comments: I plan to learn all of the necessary tools to be a strong leader.



Jessica Cuevas

Industry: Education

Organization: Mount St. Mary's College

Position: Associate Director of Residence Life

Comments: I Look forward to gain more knowledge and be more prepared to make positive contributions in my organization.






Roberta Fitzgerald

Industry: Banking

Organization: Western Federal Credit Union

Position: Bank Manager

Comments: The knowledge I gain from the MBA program will open doors I would have never thought I could travel through.


Kedesa Johnson

Industry: Nonprofit Management Consulting

Organization: Synthesis Enterprise

Position: Project Consultant

Comments: Extremly thrilled to expand my knowledge base and interact with

like-minded leaders.  



Alisha Monroe

Industry: Transportation

Organization: Logistics Company

Position: Account Executive

Comments: Always put forth your best efforts, It only benefits you in the long run 






Bob Naranjo

Industry: Government

Organization: Department of Defense, United States Marine Corps

Position: First Lieutenant, Logistics Officer

Comments: Life is a card game with each event a new hand and opportunity some of it fate, some of it luck, but all fueled with determination to succeed and persevere. "Always bear in mind your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing." -Abraham Lincoln-



Linda Nguyen

Industry: Education

Organization: American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Position: Admissions Advisor

comments: "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do somethings you've never done." -Thomas Jefferson-



Gabriela Perez

Industry: Online Marketing


Position: Client Relations Manager

Comments: Always striving for improvements and making a difference, an MBA will provide the tools to do just that!



Brianna Quintanar

Industry: Project Management

Organization: Walsh Austin Joint Venture

Position: Documentation Control

Comments: Always strive for the best!



Karla Ramirez

Industry: Entertainment   

Organization: NBC Universal

Position: Finance Coordinator

Comments: A challenge is only an opportunity.   



Rodolfo Sagastume

Industry: Commercial Banking

Organization: Bank of America

Position: Senior Account Manager




Hugo Sanchez

Industry: Commercial Banking

Organization: JD Morgan Chase

Position: Sales/Marketing Associate

Comments: I look forward to working with a diverse group as I prepare for the future. 



Lila Viveros

Industry: Retail Sales - Wireless

Organization: T-Mobile,USA

Position: District Manager

Comments: The MBA program will enhance my self-development for career advancement.