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MBA Cohort Dec 2012 Student Profiles


Ifeyinwa "Ify" Aladiume

Industry:  Manufacturing

Employer: LifeMac Industries

Position: V.P. Operations

Comments: In business to make a difference in people's lives.  



Elizabeth Arroyo

Industry: Manufacturing

Organization: TA/ Esterline

Position: Accounting

Comments: I love being an accountant, but

I'd much prefer to teach the new generation.


Melissa Arroyo

Industry: Education

Organization: Sylvan Learning Center

Position: Assistant Director of Education

Comments: I have a background in Fashion Design and Business Management

with a focus in entrepreneurship. I hope one day to become a collage/ university

professor, teaching both business and fashion.


Bradney Blake

Industry: Marketing / Branding

Organization: Universal Music Publishing

Position: Coordinator, Contractor



Melissa Cook

Industry: Entertainment Industry


Position: Actress

Comments: I want to become a Professor and teach the business of acting to college students while maintaining my acting career. Also, I am developing and hosting a series of educational videos regarding "Dream Careers" and finding the pathways from education to profession.


Luciano Cuevas

Industry: Utilities/Service

Organization: Southern California Gas Co.

Position: Technical Specialist

Comments: I am looking forward to the journey ahead to prepare me for the next chapter in my life.



Sarah Flores

Industry: Education

Organization: Pasadena Area Community College

Position: Facilities Manger

Comments: I am all about constant improvement, if you cease learning you die.


Thelma Freeman

Industry: Information Technology Financial Services
Organization: American Society for Quality
Position: Corporate Communications Specialist

Comments:  For over 20 years, technical communications have been my career focus. My work experiences include the US Air Force, Private/ Public aerospace manufactures (Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Air Bus and Lockheed Martin). For ten years, I worked as a consultant to documentation requirements for reengineering manufacturing processes. My purpose is to align my skills with the knowledge gained through the MBA Program. 



Sapna Gandhi

Industry: Marketing/ PR

Organization: Eruption Music Group


Comments: I have an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine in internation studies with an emphasis in marketing. I want to expand on my current skills and learn to think critically. I am excited to experience the road ahead.


Irene Gasco

Industry: Banking and Finance



Comments: I am interested learning about the aspects of the business world to make a more informed decision when choosing a career.


Maribel Hernandez

Industry: Auto 

Organization: American Honda

Position: Regional Manager

Comments: I graduated three years ago from California State University Dominguez Hills and received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I'm currently in customer relations because I love and enjoy helping others.


Denise Larson

Industry: Entertainment

Organization: Central Casting

Position: Casting Director

Comments: As a recent graduate of UCLA with a degree in World Arts and Cultures and Film, Television and Digital Media, I am interested in learning more about the nuances of business and developing my skills in the business arena. I am very much looking forward to all the opportunities that this MBA program will offer me.  


Igor Latman

Industry: Sales

Organization: Pitney Bowes

Position: Sales Associate

Comments: I am working on my MBA so I can learn new skills, make networking connections, have financial independence, and grow personally and professionally.

Nely Meza-Andrade

Industry: Mental and Behavioral Health

Organization: Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center 

Position: License Marriage and Family Therapist



Zandra Mora

Industry: Entertainment  Contract Administration & Royalty Analysis 


Position: Paralegal Law Office of Robert Starr

Comments: I received my BA in Music Business from Cal Poly Pomona. I am the first in my family to graduate from college and the first to enter graduate school. After completing my MBA at Mount St. Mary's, I plan to pursue Law School, and study Intellectual Property. My experiences, skills and knowledge come from the legal aspects of the music industry. My goal is to one day protect creations of the mind. My philosophy of life is that no one said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it.


Jose Morales

Industry: Non-Profit

Organization: East Los Angeles Regional Center (ELARC)

Position: Fiscal Auditor

Comments: Born in Nicaragua, I came to the United States when I was 10 years old. I received a BA in Mathematics from Cal State University, Northridge. I also completed an Accounting Program at UCLA. I've been working as an auditor since 2005, but I have decided to pursue my MBA in order to enhance my opportunities and achievements.  I believe that for every opportunity my BA has opened up for me, an MBA will open five

Chudi Oje

Industry: Import/ Export



Comments: I desired an MBA program for years and now I know why it took so long for me to finally start one. Mount St. Mary's MBA is the perfect fit for me and it is hard to imagine a more fulfilling experience anywhere else. Indeed, for me, it had to be MSMC. With my years of management experience in various industries, I plan to use my MBA as a tool to open doors of opportunities for top level participation in transforming organizations and building effective global business networks. I consider this a solid foundation for me, as I plan to teach business school students in the future.


Liliana Orellana

Industry: Food Service Industry

Company: Yoshinoya America, Inc.

Position: Restaurant Manager

Comments: Initiative and perseverance are two characteristics that motivate me to pursue my MBA and be able to apply the concepts into my everyday experience make me a winner.


Tammy Palafox

Industry: Health Care Industry

Organization: Well Point

Position: Social Worker Case Manager

Comments: I never want to stop growing or learning in all aspects of my life spiritual, personal and professional.


Rudy Tenorio de Cordova

Industry: Realestate

Organization: Property Management

Position: Independent Contractor

Comments: Mr. Tenorio de Cordova has a baccalaureate in Business Administration from Mount Saint Mary’s College. His background includes three political appointments, vice president for a non-profit and a member of the Los Angeles Police Department Community Advisement Board.  

His work experience is in the property management industry. He is actively working on business plans and continues to put the finishing touches on patenting a product for the U.S. and global markets. The manufacturing of the product will be outsourced to companies within the United States, and the packaging and distribution of the product will be in California and in his home State of New Mexico. 

Mr. Tenorio de Cordova lives by the motto, “GET OUT AND CHANGE THE WORLD.”