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MBA Cohort Dec 2014 Student Profiles


Susanna Adame-Rozbruch

Industry: Health

Organization: Kaiser Permanente/ Ventura College

Position: Registered Nurse/ Clinical Educator

Comments: "I live by embracing each day as MY Masterpiece. You never know what positive impact you have on others. Pass it on and make a difference!"



April Apodaca

Industry: Retail Banking

Organization: Western Federal Credit Union

Position: Branch Manager

Comments: "I'm excited about the wealth of knowledge and real world experience I am gaining by going through the MBA program here at Mount St. Mary's."


Dwight S. Clarke

Industry: Health Care Information Technology

Organization: Kaiser Permanente

Position: Project Manager

Comments: I am blessed to have been given this opportunity and I plan on making the most of it."





Shailendra Cole

Industry: Retail

Organization: Medtronic

Position: Regulatory and Product Reporting Administrator

Comments: Education is the key to success




Loree Collins

Industry: Higher Education

Organization: Mount St. Mary's Collage

Position: Administrative Assistant

Comments: "With a Mount St. Mary's MBA, the possibilities are limitless!"



John Byron Daquioag

Industry: Health Care

Organization: UCLA

Position: Manager- Anesthesia Services




Karen Espinoza

Industry: Fashion Retail

Organization: Place Showroom

Position: Controller

Comments: "I want to lead the organization into the next phase and a Mount St. Mary's MBA will prepare me for that phase."



Jose Garcia

Industry: Information Systems

Organization: Dunn Edwards Corporation

Position: Applications Manager




Stephanie Ghayouri

Industry: Non-Profit/ Human Services

Organization: Junior Blind of America

Position: Director og Human Resources




Gloria Elena Grover

Industry: Libraries

Organization: Los Angeles Public Library

Position: Trainning Development Manager




Aaron Hernandez

Industry: Manufacture/ Electronics

Organization: Gefen Inc

Position: Director of Sales

Comments: "Driven experienced leader with a rare combination of technical knowledge and a proven track record of increased sales year over year."



Krysten Leigh Jones

Industry: Academic Publishing


Position: Digital Content Assistant Editor




Shauna Kimball

Industry: Media Marketing

Organization: Initiative

Position: Recruiting Assistant




Kasey Kishiyama

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Organization: Missel, Inc

Position: Client Relations




Mary Eileen Prise

Industry: Entertainment Industry

Organization: Freelance

Position: Producer




Monique Richard-Roberts

Industry: Manufacturing

Organization: PDP, LLC

Position: Human Resource Manager

Comments: "I want to eventually have all the necessary tools to lead a company to globalization, incorporating my MBA and Human Resource skills."





Joanne Roberts

Industry: Health Care

Organization: Cedars- Sinai Medical Center

Position: Human Resources Consultant




Alicia Robinson

Industry: Non-Profit

Organization: YMCA Greater Los Angeles

Position: Workforce/ Youth Manager

Comments: "I've dedicated my career to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. I plan to use my MBA to lead organizations that align with my commitment."



Alexander Rodriguez

Industry: Construction Residential

Organization: Bay Cities Construction

Position: Owner




Jasmine Saxon

Industry: Wealth Management/ Financial Services

Organization: Kennedy Wealth Management

Position: Business Development Specialist

Comments: My mantra is "Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat," Which is Latin for "Fortune Favors the Bold."  I believe you are doomed to mediocrity if you refuse to be bold and take risks.


Kristen S.

Industry: Human Resources

Organization: Mount St. Mary's College

Position: Human Resources Manager

Comments: "Looking forward to completing my MBA."



Leroy Smith

Industry: Health Care

Organization: Dignity Health

Position: Director, Clinical INFORMATICS

Comments: "The MBA program, at the Mount, will develop key tools in my personal and professional leadership transformation."



Heath Stenberg

Industry: Office Technology

Organization: 360 Dynamic Technologies

Position: Account Manager




Emily White

Industry: Real Estate

Organization: USC

Position: Facilities management

Comments: "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same, so shine brilliantly for the world to see."  Is my mantra, and the MBA increases the ability to give others an example on what success looks like. If I can do it so can they!




Aaron Young

Industry: Retail Banking

Organization: Western Federal Credit Union

Position: Team Member Development Manager

Comments: "Communication is a Super-Power"