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 Executives In Residence

Sr. Elizabeth Anne Malone, Emeritus Professor, Al Merschen Executive in Residence

Al Merschen Executive in Residence, Katherine Whitman, MBA Professor, Linda Moody, Dean of the Graduate Division

MBA Faculty

Dennis Signorovitch Executive in Residence, Janet Robinson, MBA Program Director

MBA Faculty

Beverly Thelander, Executive in Residence and Peter Antoniou, MBA Program Coordinator

Jim Wendoll, Max Baca Executives in Residence

The Master in Business Administration program is distinguished by its Business Advisory Council and Executive in Residence Program.  Members of the Council will advise the faculty of the MBA program on current trends in the business world and about their expectations of MBA's that they hire.

The Executive in Residence program is designed to bring experienced and knowledgeable business leaders into the classroom where they will share their expertise with the MBA students.  Executive in Residence will present case studies to the students, be part of panel discussion on controversial topics and give guest lectures.

The accompanying photos are of a recent planning meeting of the Executive in Residence with members of the MBA faculty for the upcoming cohort. 

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