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In the last semester, having gained knowledge in interpreting the signals of the external environment, developing solution-based approaches to identified/identifiable problems and creating a fertile environment for positive and constructive change, the student will focus on a concentration. The concentrations are:

Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is a choice. As a graduate student in the MBA program at Mount Saint Mary’s University, you will face many choices in your future. Many of these choices are made for you in academia, but the focus of the Entrepreneurship concentration is to begin to imagine what life will be like after your  matriculation in college.

Entrepreneurship is about negotiating risk, which will always be present even if you decide not to start your own business. Any corporation, or business, survives because the structure of existence of the company engages in “risk” and is asking each employee to assist them in finding the correct path for the future.  Remaining in someone else’s company and assisting with the decision process to help find the company’s future success is called “Intrapreneurship” or “Corporate Entrepreneurship,” which is a part of this concentration.  As an employee, you will engage risk with the company, even though you may not be aware of this dynamic. Therefore, learning entrepreneurship is important even if you work for a large company in an “Intrapreneurial” aspect.

The concentration will allow you to complete a business plan for your personal concept that will allow you to submit your idea for financing of the idea.

You will come to understand the entrepreneurial skills needed to craft innovative responses to the needs in your community and how to build a business plan that matches the needs of the given area you have chosen to enter, whether this is local or global. The idea is to prepare the student for personal and financial success - we will focus on the entrepreneurial skills and abilities to recognize opportunity, explore innovative approaches, mobilize resources, manage risks, and thus build a viable enterprise.


Organizational Leadership


Project Management
The concentration in Project Management provides students grounding in multiple skills including the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing of projects.  Also included are the soft skills of communication, leadership, effective team management and applied critical thinking. . 
The content of courses is integrated with the Project Management Institute, Inc., A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®, Guide). As student’s progress through their courses, they are preparing themselves for the Project Management certification exam. The concentration provides an opportunity for those who wish to build on their MBA degree work by obtaining professional certification of project management skills. There is a significant passing rate for those who take the certification exam. The faculty of the concentration classes are certificated as Project Management Professionals (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI).