Master of Business Administration
Mount Saint Mary's College
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MSMC-MBA Program Distinctions

1. Admits students from mid-level management, with 3+ years of business experience, upwardly mobile

2. Weekends only - Non consecutive w/ends

3. Cohort format

   a. Kick off - boot camp weekend, team building

4. 4 Core semesters (5 with Foundations)

5. Theme semesters

   a.Semester 1:Foundations (only for students who are not business majors/minors)

   b. Semester 2: Environment Analysis

   c. Semester 3: Strategy Design

   d. Semester 4: Implementation

   e. Semester 5: Application

6. Integration - Cross discipline

7. Module format

8. Full day, same instructor - workshop format

9. Semester industry project

   a. Integrate material learned per semester

   b. Graded by multiple faculty

   c. Formal presentations in every semester to panel of professors

           i. Presentation review both for content and style

10. Emphasis on team work

11. Faculty with professional experience

12. Executives in Residence participate in module delivery

13. Professional career coaching

   a. Semester 1: Career overview

           i. Assessment/ Direction

           ii. One-on-one sessions

   b. Semester 2: Mentoring - Both having and being a mentor

   c. Semester 3: Career roadmap

14. Etiquette luncheon and professional presence

15. Consulting module

   a. How to work with consultants

   b. Being a consultant

16. Culminating project

   a. Real life project for an organization

17. Concentrations

   a. Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship

   b. Organizational Leadership

   c. Project Management - leading to Professional Certification

18. International trip

   a. Book donation

19. Professional classroom setting

   a. Water, coffee, tea

   b. Name plates

   c. Supplies: pens, scotch tape, markers, stapler, etc

20. All costs included, except books

   a. Student fees

   b. Parking

   c. Graduation fee

   d. Trip to China

   e. etc

21. Concierge service

   a. Designated Cohort Coordinator

22. Web site with student photo and intro

23. Full campus experience

   a. Learning center

   b. Library

   c. Id card

   d. Gym

   e. Swimming pool

   f. Career center

24. Community building

   a. Luncheon speakers

   b. Cocktail receptions

25. Business cards

26. Active MBA Alumni Association - MAPs

27. Continuous education: As an MSMC - MBA Alumni you can attend one class per semester for free every semester on any topic

28. As an MSMC - MBA Alumni, you have access to all of school’s facilities, including work-out room, pool, library, as well as data bases

29. Mentorship, scholarships, project evaluations