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Graduation 2012

College Celebrates Eighth Graduating Class of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Subtitle: Twenty-nine Earn DPT Degrees During October Ceremony
Date: 10/06/2012

Mount St. Mary’s College (MSMC), Los Angeles, proudly announces the seventh graduating class of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Program. In a ceremony Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012 twenty-nine students celebrated completing the program at the Rose Hills Auditorium followed by the reception at the South Lawn of the College’s Doheny Campus near downtown Los Angeles.

The graduates are: Hiral Achhnani, Matthew Breismeister, Melissa Brown, Ashley Court, Daish Fish, Juliana Gildesgame, Bryana Harringer, Nary Hong, Jason Hussein, Stella In, Stacie Keliinoi, Noolee Kim, Charlene Lagac, Alexander Lui, Amy Neyer, Vien Nguyen, Megan O'Linn, Amanda Sanchez-Conn, Jason Tanaka, Mimi Ton, Andrew Tosounian, Diana Tran, Angela Traverso, Melissa Urrutia, Leonardo Valenzuela, Emily Varee, Nina Villa, Tara Yanagihashi and Felix Young.

"It is my pleasure to be here to congratulate the class of 2012! Since we have arrived for orientation three years ago, we have completed 8 semesters of classes and 38 weeks of clinical experience. We have taken countless exams, given numerous presentations, and acted as each other’s patients for practical exams. Our class developed camaraderie by palpating each other’s muscles and bones and by facilitating each other’s movement with touch alone. We have quizzed each other, shared color-coated outlines and attended each other’s study sessions. We studied and learned together in an atmosphere where each one of us was always welcome. I am proud to be a part of a fun-loving and kindhearted class such as ours," said Juliana Gildesgame, as she addressed her 29 fellow graduates and their families. "Each of us could not have achieved this goal without the support of our faculty. In addition to being clinicians, members of our faculty participate in research and sit on political committees to orchestrate our practice paradigm. Our professors have been very available to discuss questions and projects during office hours, which has been extremely helpful throughout the program. They have mentored us about how to how to think critically and how to practice in a way that acknowledges the whole patient. Our orthopedic faculty is unique in demonstrating their critical thoughtfulness, and their expertise. Our neuro faculty has prepared us to handle a multitude of complex cases with sincerity of thought and clarity of touch," Gildesgame continued. "On behalf of our class, I would like to say a special thank you to the families and friends who have given us love, understanding and much needed support along the way. We thank you for your kindness and for your love. We really appreciate that you have listened to us and encouraged us to continue our work. We appreciate your quizzing us over the phone, for making us breakfast and for listening to us obsessively perform gait and posture analysis while we’re out to eat... I look forward to reconvening as a class to see how each of us has applied our experience toward helping our patients and toward contributing to the body of knowledge that defines Physical therapy. Congratulations, good luck and have a fantastic day!" Gildsgame concluded.

In 1981, the College established its Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy program, which was converted to a Masters of Physical Therapy program in 1991. In 2001, the College developed the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in response to a need for more extensive preparation in physical therapy. The College currently totals 88 students in the DPT program.

View how proud our graduates were the day now.


Ceremony attire  The graduation program Cap and gown
Celebrating with champagne  Celebrating before the ceremony


  Soon to be DPT graduates


   Getting a preview of the program

Reciting the oath 


 Amy Neyer, soon to be DPT graduate


Faculty and Administration

On their way to the ceremony


President Dr. Anne McElaney-Johnson, PhD

Faculty and Administration

on stage


Greetings from Provost

Dr. Eleanor Siebert, PhD


Dr. Deborah L. Lowe, PT, PhD

Faculty Address Speaker

Ben Cornell, MPT

 The graduates listen to their faculty speaker  Faculty Speaker Ben Cornell congratulates the graduates

2012 DPT Class Speaker 

Juliana Gildesgame 

 2012 DPT graduates applauding their class speaker


Dr. Linda A. Moody, PhD

DPT 2012 graduates reading the oath






Father George O'Brien

DPT Class of 2012 Class Photo Congratulations DPT Class of 2012
The Provost and President of the College Recent graduates and Drs. Lowe and Sueki celebrate after the ceremony Felix Young and his family celebrate after the ceremony