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December 2008

Alumni News


DPT Class of 2006 (Jennifer Ballentine)will establish a Women's Health Program at Kang Physical Therapy in Ventura beginning January, 2009.
Congratulations and good luck with your clinical practice.

Alum DPT 2005 (Christina Cambra, far left) and Alum MPT 2003 (Maryanne Morcos, far right) with PT Chair (Dr. Lowe) during APTA President visit to MSMC Doheny Campus on October 16, 2008.

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DPT Graduation took place on October 4, 2008.

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Department News

Seasons GreetingsFROM THE DEPARTMENT: The Department of Physical Therapy wishes all the students, faculty, alumni --and their families--the very happiest and most fulfilling holiday season. Particularly in this time of unprecedented challenges for our nation, it's most important to remember the blessings we all share; those of family, friends--and most of all a renewed sense of hope for the future, infused by the spirit of warmth and giving that are brought by this wonderful season of the year. Happy Holidays everyone!

The MSMC DPT Program and Greater Los Angeles District (GLAD) of CPTA sponsored APTA President's visit to Los Angeles at the Doheny Campus.
In the photo from left to right: Dr. Valerie Teglia (GLAD Chief Rep), Dr. Scott Ward (APTA President), and Sal Abiera (GLAD Chair).

Volunteer Pediatric Rehabilitation Day in Mexico - DPT faculty & students volunteered their services to children with special needs at Hospital Infantil de las Californias in Tijuana, Mexico, September 20, 2008.
Click on this link to view the story from the 2008 September visit with DPT students. in Mexico.

Next event date is: December 6, 2008.
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Applicants for Fall 2009 will be required to utilize the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). If you know anyone that is interested in applying for the DPT Program at MSMC, please have them click here to apply through PTCAS.

Faculty News

DPT Faculty MembersDPT faculty members (Ben Cornell, Kathy Veling, and Dr. Jason Tonley, far right) kicked off DPT Graduation week on October 1, 2008 with their presentations of PT Residency Programs in Los Angeles region.  Joining our faculty included Stephanie Kaplan (CPTA Board Member, far left), and other residency program representatives.

DPT Faculty MembersDPT faculty members visiting with their children during MSMC DPT graduation weekend (Dr. Dan Kirages with son, Lucas on the left) and (Dr. Derrick Sueki with son, Jacob).


MSMC faculty meet and greet with APTA President during his visit to Doheny campus.


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Student News


DPT IIIs visiting with APTA PresidentDPT IIIs (third year students) visiting with APTA President during his visit to Doheny campus.

Kingsley Manor Seniors ScreeningKingsley Manor Seniors Screening - DPT IIIs provided functional screenings at Kingsley Manor for retired older adults on October 6, 2008.

Engagement - Patrick Kollmyer and Karly Schiltgen (Alum DPT 08) were engaged in Fall, 2008.


October PT MONTH - DPT II students joined the Department of Physical Therapy and Commuter Services in celebrating Physical Therapy Month at MSMC. Several events were scheduled including relay races with assistive devices and volleyball tournament.  In addition, information and education from DPT II students were given on stretching, exercise and injury care to the MSMC students, staff, and community.


Christopher Lanski

Christopher Lanski, on the left, was awarded an appreciation award from the GLAD PT District for his volunteer work during a community event. 
In the photo: Dr. Scott Ward congratulates Chris for his volunteerism.

Amy CaudilloAmy Caudillo, on the top left, is providing aquatic therapy to a child with special needs during the Volunteer Pediatric Rehabilitation Day in Mexico. Amy is supervised by a physical therapist on the top right.

Stephanie Elliott was awarded the Ethel O. Gardner P.E.O. (Philanthropic, Educational Organization) Scholarship in 2008.  Congratulations!


Members of the DPT IMembers of the DPT I Class (Vien Nguyen, Nicole Marquez, Lauren Eberhardt, Kristy Valles, Dan Anderson - back row; Krysta Caingcoy - front row) participated in the Volunteer Pediatric Rehabilitation Day in Mexico in September, 2008.  Total of 11 MSMC DPT students volunteered their time to travel to Mexico to help children with special needs.

DPT studentsDPT students (Candice Coker and Peter Siu) attended the APTA Student Conclave in San Jose, CA on on October 7-19, 2008. They enjoyed the conference and had fun playing with the Wii playstation (see photo below).

The DPT I students celebrated MSMC's 2008 18th Annual Halloween Haunted Campus.


The Mount opened its doors to the community on Halloween night. Our students helped give away 13,000 lbs of candy to over 6,000 children. Tiny goblins, witches and ghosts visited the the porches of scary-themed decorated mansions on campus. Everyone had a great time.

Save the Date

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The 3rd Annual Clinical Capstone Ceremony for DPT IIs: January 16, 2009.

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We look forward to visiting with alumni, staff, students, and faculty at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2009.  See you there.

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