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June 2009

Alumni News


Alum MPT 2000, Tracey Wagner, published her case study in the recent issue of the Physical Therapy journal.
Physical Therapist Management of Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain Using the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Physical Therapy 2009 89: 82-90.

Alum DPT 2006, Jasmine Riehl, in the photo, was married to Frank Jimeno at the Hawaiian Prince Resort in Waikiki, Hawaii on the island of Oahu on January 21, 2009. Congratulations to our MSMC Physical Therapy Alumni!

Other News

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MSMC DPT Students and faculty members attended the CPTA PT Legislative Day 2009 with financial support from the MSMC.

MSMC DPT Faculty and students from left to right: Dr. Tonley, Professor Kubota, Drs. Lowe and Teglia, Erin Carr, Patrick Kollmyer, Kristina Farnsworth.

If you would like to make a donation to the MSMC Physical Therapy Professional Development Fund, please contact:

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Department News

Art WalkFritz Burns Building

MSMC Doheny Parking Structure opened in Fall of 2008. Adjacent walk way to Fritz Burns Building was constructed in 2009.

Clinical Capstone CeremonyClinical Capstone Ceremony - The DPT faculty presented MSMC DPT lapel pins for white coats to each DPT II student (DPT 2010) at the 3rd CCC on January 16, 2009.

Katy SullivanThe guest speaker was Katy Sullivan, 2007 U.S.A. Paralympics National Team Member in Track & Field.


Faculty News

MSMC DPT FacultyMSMC DPT Faculty joined MSMC DPT students at the PT Legislative Day on March 24, 2009.

Photo from left to right: Drs. Tonley, Kubota, Lowe and Teglia with MSMC DPT students (Erin Carr, Patrick Kollmyer, Kristina Farnsworth and Chris Lanski).

Daniel Kirages, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT and Jason Tonley, DPT, OCS received Kaiser Permanente Fellowship & Residency Programs Re-Credentialing at CSM 09.

Jason Tonley, DPT, OCS presented his orthopedic special interest platform presentation at APTA CSM 2009.

Debbie DiazDebbie Diaz

Dr. Debbie Diaz, PT, PhD presented two posters at the Annual Physical Therapy Conference in June, 2008.

Drs. Lee and Sueki served as SACE I and II item writers for ABPTS Geriatric and Orthopedic Specialty Councils at CSM 2009.


Other News

Taj Van Blu joined the Loeffler Family on March 3, 2009.

Twins, Cole Robert and John "Jack" William, were born on February 16, 2009. They are Michael Andersen's first children.

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Student News

TAMMY GILBERT, 00' FUNDRAISER - Tammy Gilbert, PT has been a member of APTA and LPTA for the past 10 years and MSMC MPT 2000 Alum. She was diagnosed with scleroderma after she began practicing physical therapy. 

The LPTA has set up a fund in her name to help with cost of medical treatments. If you would like to contribute to the Tammy Gilbert Fund click on the link below. Fill out the form and mail or fax to the LPTA office with your donations. All donations will go straight to Tammy.

Click here to download the contribution form.

You may also contact:
Louisiana Physical Therapy Association
8550 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 1001
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
Telephone: (225) 922-4614
Fax: (225) 408-4422

MSMC DPT Students, Faculty & Staff (click here to view list of participants who helped donate to this great cause). All proceeds went toward the Tammy Gilbert fund. Thank you for your help!

1) Dodger Game - It’s Dodger baseball! On Friday, May 8, 2009 DPT students, faculty and their families cheered on the Dodgers against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger stadium. They enjoyed free fireworks show afterwards. Thank you to Chris Lanski (DPT 2010) for organizing this event.

2) DPT MSMC T-shirts/Sweatshirts Sales - The DPT program united with Sew Perfect Uniforms to sell t-shirts and sweatshirts with MSMC DPT's logo. Our goal was to sell 60 shirts and we sold 194. Thanks to all DPT classes for their support. (including the Class 2009 not pictured) as well as Jero Sabangan (DPT 2009) for organizing this event.


Class of 2010 Class of 2011

3) San Diego MarathonOlajode Akinwale (DPT 2011) and Alice Murphy (DPT 2010) ran the 2009 San Diego Marathon on May 31, 2009 to raise money for the Tammy Gilbert Fund. They completed 26 miles run. "This was an amazing experience. My passion for running helped me choose PT as a profession", said Alice Murphy. Their accomplishment is celebrated.


Thank you all for your support in this wonderful endeavor. For more information about Tammy Gilbert (MSMC alum, MPT Class of 2000) click on link

Abbi Fietzer presented her research titled, "Ground reaction forces and knee mechanics during the takeoff and landing phases of grand Jete," as a poster presentation at CSM 2009.

Abbi will be presenting a study titled, "Ground reaction forces during the landing phase of a saut de chat: a comparison of healthy dancers and dancers with patellar tendinopathy," at IADMS Annual Meeting 2009, The Hague, Netherlands.  


May 17, 2009 – On a day that began with clouds and turned into blue skies, three DPT students ventured to Downey to help out the Challenged Athletes Foundation in a multi-sports clinic that included teaching amputees to run, play soccer and golf. Morlay Kamara, Rebecca Pitts, and Aarti Prajapati—all members of the Class of 2010—joined volunteers from various organizations and Western University of Health Sciences Physical Therapy program to help many amputees. The students helped instruct the athletes in stretching and strengthening for both the sound and amputated limb, activities that worked on gaining trust in the prosthetic, and instructing how to utilize proper techniques for running. The running clinic concluded with a friendly relay race including weaving between cones and running to kick a soccer ball while standing on the prosthetic. The Challenged Athletes Foundation holds many clinics and events during the year all over the country, including many in La Jolla and the Los Angeles area. For more information, please visit

DPT studentsIn the picture: Mount St. Mary's College DPT II students (Morlay Kamara, Rebecca Pitts, and Aarti Prajapati) take a moment after the running clinic with Sarah Reinertsen, one of the amputees who represents Challenged Athletes Foundation and the first female to complete an Ironman competition on an artificial leg.

DPT studentsDPT students volunteered at the Hospital Infantil de las Californias on March 28, 2009.

Photo - Tasnim Aly (DPT 2011) & Chris Lanski (DPT 2010) with a Physiotherapist from Mexico.

DPT I studentsThe DPT I students hosted the 3rd CCC event for the DPT IIs. Thank you for your hard work.


Save the Date

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The BBQ for the incoming DPT class at South Lawn of the Doheny Mansion: July 11, 2009.

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